Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia

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Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia

Motto: "Militat omnis amans, amantium irae amoris integratio est."
Capital Avalon
Demonym(s) Felinian
Legislature Cabinet
Grand Cabinet
Currency Felinian Credits
Time zone Eastern Time
ISA0001 code SKF

The Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia, also known simply as Felinia, is a micronation located in the state of New Jersey in the United States. Established on October 4, 2021, Felinia was founded by Queen Tina Rogers and King Noah Rogers as a democratic absolute monarchy. The inspiration for creating Felinia came from Queen Tina's desire to honor their deceased cat, Shadey, by using the nation as a platform to promote kindness, peace, and advocacy for human and animal rights.

Felinia operates under a democratic absolute monarchy, with Queen Tina and King Noah ruling jointly over the nation. The first Prime Minister, Nolan Swafford, was elected to his first term on November 14, 2021. As a micronation, Felinia is not recognized by the United States or any other country as an official sovereign state, but it has a dedicated and loyal citizenry within its borders.

Felinia has 5 provinces, Knoxville, the largest by land size, Roselyn, the second, Avalon, the capital and third largest, Starla, the fourth largest, and Carrollton, the smallest. Each of the names were lovingly handpicked by the Queen themself.


Felinia was named after the scientific term "feline" or "felis", which refers to the taxonomic family that includes all species of cat. This choice of name was made to reflect the founders' love and admiration for their deceased cat, Shadey, and to symbolize the nation's dedication to advocating for both human and animal rights. As a micronation, Felinia is not recognized as an official sovereign state by any other country, but it has its own unique identity and culture that are celebrated by its citizens.


Before Felinia, Tina used to be the Queen of "The New Multiversal Republic", but that was purely role play, then in 2018–2019, Tina, along with Noah, created a new one that was to be purely based and run on Facebook, they wanted to create the server for it, but considering land claim would be just an apartment and balcony, it seemed kind of half-witted, they were also considering doing the whole "nation lives under feet of its citizens" approach, but that seemed to be not such a smart idea as well. Tina used to tease that nation as "Secret Project 178" on their Facebook page but gave it a break for at least a year or so, until last year after Shadey passed, and created Felinia, trying to apply as "The New Multiversal Republic", but got shot down due to the original name. Felinia was finalized on 10 March 2021 and instead of the original plan for role play, they decided to seek sovereignty as an autonomous nation as one would call a "secessionist" state.

Government Structure

Structured as a democratic absolute monarchy with two monarchs/heads of state and a prime minister as head of government.

The legislature is formed as a cabinet. The Crown of Felinia can force and enact laws as they see fit, but they can bring things to the Prime Minister or Cabinet for a second opinion. If a vote is needed, the vote must exceed 50% and approval from the Prime Minister.


National Symbols

Image Name Meaning Other notes
National Flag
Coat of Arms
File:Actinidia polygama.png
National Tree - Actinidia polygama (Silvervine)
National Animal

Diplomatic relations

Diplomatic relations Felinia has are listed here. They also recognize all of their sovereignties too.
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Sub Articles: Royal Felinian Army, Royal Felinian Navy, Royal Felinian Air Force

Royal Family & Government

Main Articles: Felinian Royal Family, Cabinet of Felinia
Sub Articles: Monarchs of Felinia, Prime Minister of Felinia

Land Claim

The land claim of Felinia is an approximate 1,100 square feet apartment. A province is determined by grouping of areas or by a room itself. Avalon, for instance, is the Royal Monarchs' bedroom.


The culture of Felinia is one where everyone helps each other, in any and all ways. The nation supports mutual aid, basic universal income, and healthcare. Felinia believes in a person-first approach, where the needs of each person is crucial to overall development of the nation. For instance, Felinia has publicly available support groups for loss and grief, pet loss, addiction recovery, disability, chronic illness, mental illness, and mental health. Felinia is also the only nation with a Ministry of Motorsports, inspired by the King and his NASCAR replica liveries on Gran Turismo 7. His love and dedication towards motorsports as a whole has inspired the Queen to create such a special ministry.

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