Vinlandic Civil Guard

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Civil Guard of Vinland
Emblem of the Civil Guard.
Emblem of the Civil Guard.
Logo of the Civil Guard.
Logo of the Civil Guard.
Flag of the Civil Guard.
Flag of the Civil Guard.
Motto To serve and protect
Agency overview
Formed 31st July 2023
Preceding agency
  • Vinlandic National Guard
Superseding agency Vinlandic Ministry of Defense and National Safety
Employees 1
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Republic of Vinland
Operations jurisdiction Republic of Vinland
Population 6
Legal jurisdiction Republic of Vinland
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Ceaburg, Vinland
Sworn members 1
Agency executive
  • Alaixaiy Braus, Commodore
Precincts 1

The Vinlandic Civil Guard is one of the two branches of the Vinlandic Ministry of Defense and National Safety. It aims to ensure peace and Law Enforcement within the Republic of Vinland, but also to protect the Vinland from any kind armed threats.


When the Socialist Republic of Vinland was founded on July 31st 2023, the decision was made to establish the Civil Guard in order to ensure the people's protection. Thus it is the direct descendant of the National Guard.The decision was also made to split the Civil Guard into two branches, the current organization of the Civil Guard was adopted on September 1st 2023, in the path of the IOI (Inter-Operability and Improvement) program of the Ministry of Defense.


As mentioned before, the Civil Guard is split between two branches: the National Police, and the Territorial Guard. These two branches are under the control of General Staff Office (GSO) directed by the Commodore of the Civil Guard and the President, both position positions are currently occupied by Alaixaiy Braus. The General Staff Office aims to ensure that all branches fulfill their duties while staying within the limits of the laws.

The National Police ensure the Law Enforcement and the Borders' surveillance within the Socialist Republic of Vinland. It also carries out the daily missions of contact with the population and the protection of the civilians and anti-rioting missions. However it is important to note that due to the pacifist policy of Vinland, the Police Agents are not equipped with lethal equipments. They also tasked with the Borders and customs missions, which mostly consists in ensuring the validity of the entering people's visas. The agents are spread between the Central Office of the National Police (CONP) and the Field Offices (FO). The CONP is located in Ceaburg, and is open 24/7, while the FO are located throughout the territory, and are usually open from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 6pm.

Despite being usually unarmed, the National Police agents received a training for weapons' manipulations, and Close Quarters Combat, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism missions.

The Territorial Guard is what is often considered as the elite branch of the Civil Guard. They are tasked with ensuring the safety of the members of the highest authorities of the State, carrying out Ceremonial roles during the main Vinlandic event, while providing training and advising services both within and outside of Vinland. They are allowed to carry weapons such as an assault rifle, however they are allowed to use it only in case of emergency or life threatening situation.

Reserve forces

The Territorial Guard also maintain a Reserve Force meant to help the Territorial Police during large events, but also to be able to raise an army in case of a Foreign invasion. For now the conscription is based on voluntary service, however the idea of making it compulsory have been mentioned several times by the President Alaixaiy Braus.

Ranks of the Civil Guard

Commodor Captain Agent
Territorial guard
Territorial guard

(field uniform)

National Police N/A

Emblems of the Civil Guard