Vinlandic Pound

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Vinlandic Pound
Official usersRepublic of Vinland
Pegged toEuro
Banknotes10£ - 20£ - 50£
Central bankCentral bank of Vinland
PrinterCentral bank of Vinland

The Vinlandic Pound is the official currency of the Republic of Vinland, and was issued on the 20th May 2023 under its scriptural from


The Vinlandic pound was conceived as symbol for the vinlandic identity, both among vinlandic citizens and in the intermicronational community. It was also designed in order to celebrate people considered as fighters for social justice and humans rights, which are considered as the pillars of the Vinlandic Society.

The design was inspired by the Euro banknotes, and is was indexed on the currency of the European Union.


2023 Series
Front design Back design Value Main color Occasion
10£ Blue Celebration of John Rawl, the founding father of the real social justice.
20£ Red Celebration of Simone Veil, who fought for women's reproductive rights.
50£ Green Celebration of Nelson Mandela, who put an end to the Apartheid in South Africa.

Exchange rates

The exchange rates of the Vinlandic pound in May 2023
Vinlandic Pound Euro US Dollar Japanese Yen Chinese Yuan
1.00 0.25 0.27 37.27 1.37