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The ISA0001 is a standard to define codes for micronation country names, dependent territories, and subdivisions created by the Intermicronational Standards Administration. The standard employs an alphabetic three-letter code to represent a micronation, to save time and energy when describing the micronation and to prevent errors in the description of a country. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of micronations.


It consists of two parts:

  • ISA0001-A3-001, Codes for the representation of names of micronations, Part 1 - Country Codes currently in use, defines the names of country codes currently in use by identifying them with a three-letter code.
  • ISA0001-A3-002, Codes for the representation of names of micronations, Part 2 - Country Codes no longer in use, defines the names of country codes that were previously registered in ISA0001 but for one or more reasons are no longer used.
  • ISA0001-A3-003, Codes for the representation of subdivisions of micronations, defines the names of subdivisions of country codes in use by identifying them with a three-letter code.

Maintenance Committee

The standard is maintained by a group of representatives from micronational standards organisations called the Maintenance Committee (ISA/MC). Its principal tasks are:

  • To add and eliminate country names and to assign code elements to them;
  • To publish lists of country names and code elements;
  • To maintain a reference list of country names and code elements and periods of use;
  • To issue newsletters announcing changes to the code table(s);
  • To advise users on the application of the ISA.


The Maintenance Committee consists of three members with voting rights. They are:

Ameristralian Municipal Standards (AMS) - Ameristralia
Standards Administration of Brennonia (SAB) - Brennonia
Felinia Division of Standards (FDS) - Felinia

The Administration also features representatives from intermicronational organisations who do not have voting powers. They are: Vacant

Current country codes

The table below contains the ISA0001-A3-001 codes for each of the countries that have registered with the standard. See ISA0001-A3-002 for Country codes no longer in use.

Country name Official state name ISA0001-A3-001 code
Ameristralia Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia AMR
Ameristralian Overseas Territories Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia AOT
Limonia Federation of Limonia LMN
Brennonia Kingdom of Brennonia BRN
Zenrax Imperial Federation of Zenrax ZEN
The Sohnland Republic of The Sohnland TSL
Felinia Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia SKF
Mabruenia Federal Republic of Mabruenia MBA
Libertalia Republic of Libertalia LBT
Avenska Federal Republic of Avenska AVE
Dane Republic Grand Order of DR GDR
Atlia Kingdom of Atlia ATL
Vinland Republic of Vinland VIN
Sealand Sealand SEA
Begon Tsardom of Begon BEG
Salanda Kingdom of Salanda SAL
Ostton Federal Republic of Ostton OST
Dracul Commonwealth of Dracul CMD

Former country codes

Country name Official state name ISA0001-A3-002 code
Adonia Federation of Adonia ADO
Vinlandic Overseas Territories Principality of Vinland VOT

See also

Micronations interested in registering a country code may visit the form here.