Federation of Adonia

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People's Federation of Adonia

Flag of Federation of Adonia
Coat of arms of Federation of Adonia
Coat of arms

Motto: People of Adonia, Rise!
Anthem: Glory to the Federation of Adonia!
Illinois, and Michigan Map of the from August - November 2021
Illinois, and Michigan
Map of the from August - November 2021

Capital Longhorn
Largest city Kolkata
Official languages
  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Polish
Demonym(s) Adonian
Government Unitary one-party directorial Adonian Socialist Federation
Andrew Franson
• Populi Council
Andrew Franson, Zanti Masterson
Legislature The Populi Council
Governorship of the Adonian Governorates
The Court of Adonian Justice
Establishment 7 July 2020;
3 years ago

• Census
Currency Adonian monetæ
Time zone CST

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This nation was a member of the Solidarity Front

The People's Federation of Adonia, or the Adonian People's Federation , commonly known as Adonia, was a self-declared sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers founded by Andrew Franson on 7 July 2020. Dissolved by August 2022. Adonia was a nation made up of various land plots in Illinois, Michigan, and the United Kingdom.. National Languages of Adonia include English, German,Polish, and Ukranian. The People's Federation of Adonia had a Adonian Socialist society, being the first nation and first micronation to follow Adonian Guided Socialism. The capital of Adonia was Longhorn, located within Illinois.



The Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic or The ISSR was a micronation located in Mokena, Illinois and was founded on 14 September 2019. The ISSR is considered the precursor state to Adonia, due to the fact that the ISSR is considered to be "one of the best micronations I (Andrew Franson) have ever led. Even if it was mediocre." by Andrew Franson. The ISSR had renamed from Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic to Illinois Sovetist Socialist Republic on 3 January 2020. It would dissolve on March 18th following incidents in early winter 2020. Though, ISSR Nostalgia is apparent in Adonia.

Continuation Era

On 20 April 2020, The Illinois Free Republic was formed, the organization was a continuation of the ISSR. The nation founded the "Harmony Accord" a organisation meant to bring micronations together regardless of ideology or ideals. The Harmony Accord was disbanded around mid to the end of May 2020. The nation was disbanded in May following a lack of support from the leadership. The Democratic People's Republic of Adonia was created soon after and was the earliest form of Adonia. Adonia joined the Crimson Socialist Republic just before it dissolved in June 2020.

First Adonian Months

On 7 July, Foundation Day, The PRA was formed but known as the Adonian Free Sovetist Republic, with the help of Višeslav Brienović. However, Following accusations of attempting to turn the nation into a monarchy, Brienović and all the people he used to do this were removed. The Workers Party of Adonia took over on July 18, 2020, Effectively making Adonia socialist. The creation of a constitution for Adonia began on August 1 and would finish a few days later. Following the creation of the Adonian Constitution, Adonia had a quick rise in stability and, On 8 August 2020, Andrew Franson began to base Adonia off of Germany, Poland and Russia culturally and historically and ideologically. This would then make Adonia a themed micronation. Adonia had also gained its first commune, known as the Kalamazoo Governorate (Later the Kalamazoo Governorate), on 8 August 2020.

Post Adonian Foundation Months

On 1 October 2020, three Adonian flags and one five foot flag pole were stolen. Following this event, patriotism inside the Premier and its citizens increased and was noticeable by many outside observers. Following the October 1st Incident, Adonia began to refocus on building itself up. Adonia gained its last commune from 2020 in November, which was known as the Commune of Roosevelt. Adonia would begin to open up itself to the public in December 2020 with RadioAdonia, The People's Scout League (WIP), and the Adonian Press Organization. On 6 December 2020, Friendship and Unity Square was opened. This would be Adonias first official monument.

The 2021 Period

The 2021 Period had started off with much success. Adonia gained two more communes (which would be later dropped in April) and its programs had proven to be successful. However, in the middle of February, the second inactivity crisis had occurred, where major inactivity had plagued the Adonian Nation. As of a result, nothing was done in Adonia, and the Commune of Edes announced itself disbanded in March 2021. On 27 April 2021, Andrew Franson had decided to drop most communes except the Kalamazoo Governorate. Andrew Franson said this in his statement on it. The People's Scout League (A Boy Scout/Komsomol Styled Group) was launched on 1 June 2021 following the completion of the Handbook on the 31 May 2021. It was founded by Andrew Franson, who saw it as an opportunity to localize Adonia and assist the community at the same time. He also saw it as a chance to "Be an Adonian Patriot and assist the community at the same time". As of the last update of this article, it is currently an organization on pause because of the Adonian Transitional Period

"After much consideration, Two Communes have been dropped following concerns of keeping up with a workload, as well as the fact that Adonia worked amazingly with just two communes. Adonia needs to properly develop before it can take a huger workload. And the added fact of my current crisis of inactivity, I need to slow down, Recoup, and get back to it. Back when Adonia was just the Kalamazoo Commune, Things worked amazingly. And I need to continue that before I go further. The idea of communes will be suspended until further notice. All mentions of Communes on both the page of Kolkatism, The Adonian Microwiki page, as well as the official documents of Adonia, will remain." This changed once the Commune of Roosevelt was formed by Otto Gillespie Birch in August 2021.

Following the vast second inactivity crisis, The Commune of Roosevelt was formed on 10 August, and legislative work of vast quantities came back to Adonia. Just a month later, Adonia worked on hosting the Longhorn International Summit (now called The International Solidarity Conference) and hosted it on the 14 September. During and after the Summit, Andrew Franson got the inspiration to create the Solidarity Front organization. So, on 30 September, it was created.

The Adonian Transitional Period

In late November 2021, Andrew had discovered that he had lost his belief in left wing-economics, and that he felt brainwashed by certain people into being left-wing[By whom?], despite him not being left-wing. Andrew had been studying right-wing Political Theory for months previous, and had enough with what he said was "lying to himself and everyone else"[citation needed]. Andrew, with 100% approval by the People's Politburo, had announced his intent to enact 'The Adonian Transitional Period'. The Adonian Transitional Period has an aim to leave its left-wing politics behind in favour of a Centrist, to Centre-Right Identity in order to move Adonia to be more inclined with the actual political beliefs of its citizens, the government, and head of state. During the first parts of the transitional phase, Otto Gillespie Birch resigned from his post, and announced the Commune of Roosevelt disbanded on 26 November. The period started out with a change in Adonian Symbolism, particularly, the Adonian flag had also changed. Adonia also aims to change its ideology and political system as well to be more in line with what it should be. Adonia would then rename itself to the Adonian Federation, or the Federation of Adonia, on 26 November. After this, the Workers Party of Adonia renamed itself to the Adonian Torch Party, which now follows Adonian Guided Socialism as its official ideology. The Torch Party released the '4 Fundamentals of the Adonian Masses' on the 28th of November, which is now the guiding fundamentals of the Adonian Transitional Period, and aims to be the Fundamentals of the Torch party. Adonia also worked to change its templates and policies by following various plans and paths for it. On 21/01/2022, Andrew Franson declared himself a Dictator with Emergency Powers. He promised a 'New Deal', which aims to revive Adonia and improve upon Adonia without the slowed processes that the Legislature had allowed. These Emergency Powers were set to be in effect until Adonia is actively stable and active. Exactly 6 days later, a Citizenship form was enacted in Adonia that allowed for people to apply for Adonian Citizenship, with minor limitation, at any time. 14 days after the proclamation of emergency powers, the Kalamazoo Governorate was disbanded following the loss of communication and lack of activity in the Governorate. This marked the end of a year and 6 months of territory in Michigan for Adonia.

The Spring-Summer Period

Just weeks later, a period of crisis lasting 6 days began after Andrew had completely isolated himself from the community and Adonia. During this time, the Adonian Discord, Twitter Pages, Website, and much more, were completely archived and forgotten about. However, after facing struggle, Andrew returned on 12/04/2022, utilizing the statement "Adonia lived, Adonia lives, Adonia will live". Despite this statement, however, Andrew did not become anymore active within Adonia until June 2022, when Adonian Guided Socialism was brought back.

In late June, 2022, Andrew officially brought back Adonian Socialism after realizing that the Adonian Transitional Period had destroyed his own motivation for Adonia and had nearly killed Adonia. Following the return of Adonian Guided Socialism, Andrew immediately enacted that all current Adonian Symbolism from the Transitional Period is to be kept and used in order to overcome a complete draw back to Adonia's history as a People's Republic.

Within the first few weeks of the return to Socialism, Adonia signed 2 micronational treaties, began plans for The Intermicronational Unity Summit, began efforts to revive RadioAdonia, and began to restart all localization efforts. Adonia also began to plan meetups with varying micronationalists in the years 2024-2025.

Last Picture of the "Flag of Peace and Propserity", Taken the night before the October 1st Incident

Politics and government

The Adonian Government ran under the ideology known as Adonian Guided Socialism. Each commune was able to elect their governors yet that has not taken place since late July 2020. Adonian Guided Socialism was the national ideology of the Federation of Adonia. Adonian Guided Socialism held beliefs that are similar to Centre-Left to Left-Wing Ideologies mainly devolving from Democratic Socialism, Libertarian Socialism, and some ideas from The Juche Idea and Mao Zedong Thought. It holds the idea that the People themselves are the Revolutionary Vanguard and they must fight to realize their own destiny by establishing a society completely led and followed by the People. Through establishing complete People's Management of society, the government, and the economy. The established end goal of Adonian Guided Socialism wasn't communism, but instead a self-sustained Market Socialist Economy inspired by Libertarian Socialist ideology.

The Adonian Government was headed by the Adonian Torch Party, an Adonian Socialist party within the People's Federation of Adonia. The Adonian Torch Party has been through 1 rename, but has been in charge of Adonia since 18 July, 2020.

The Adonian Government also focused on the idea of Neutrality in micronational issues or micronational crises in order to protect Adonian Interests, the Adonian future and the mental health of Adonians by avoiding unnecessary drama.

Populi Council and the Party System

Adonia had one party, that being Adonian Torch Party with the party holding control over the nation's legislature, the Populi Council. The Council had a leader, that being the head of the Adonian Torch Party and held the Governorship of the Adonian Governorates as the members of this body. The Populi Council’s members are mainly elected to the position with rare chance of appointment if needed. The Supreme Executive Position of the Federation of Adonia was also in the Legislature as the Supreme Executive required the Legislature's Permission to do many things.

Great Legislature of The Federation of Adonia

Name Postion Term
Andrew Franson Supreme Executive 07/07/2020 - August 2022 roughly
Trevor Horobik Governor 23/06/2022 - August 2022 roughly


The Judicial Power of Adonia was held by the People’s Court. 3 Adonian Citizens would be trained in American and Adonian law and put into the court. They were selected by an election from the people. The Communes had the absolute ability to petition the government. The People had the absolute ability to petition officials and other parts of government.

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Emblem Leadership Other Regions Location
Longhorn Governorate N/A N/A Andrew Franson Illinois, USA
Kalamazoo Governorate N/A N/A Trevor Horobik Michigan, United States

Adonian Affiliation/Participation in Organizations

Though originally an idea that was barred from Adonia, The idea of joining a micronational organization is a concept that is now being explored as it could possibly assist Adonia in its protection of itself, and or its allies. Adonia’s first organization that it became apart of was the CONPACT, but Adonia left it following inactivity issues. After The International Solidarity Conference on 14 September, Adonia formed the Solidarity Front on 30 September 2021, leaving after a mental health crisis Andrew Franson faced in April 2022

Organization Afilliations/Memberships

Organization Name Organization Emblem Date of Entry
The Solidarity Front N/A 30/09/2021

Government Projects

Localization Plan

The Localization Plan was in force for the fall of 2020 and was deemed a failure. The Plan was to localize Adonia as much as possible and to get it out there. It was to first start in the Longhorn Area with the Premier's Family. This had failed horribly as they either didn't care or viewed Andrew as crazy. The next part of the plan was to localize with students in Andrew's School. This would create minor success but failures across the board. Very few had any interest in Adonia. Many, however, viewed Andrew as weird and would bully/make fun of him because of it. The plan was halted before the 3rd and final step was taken.

The FUS Project

The FUS Project, or the Friendship and Unity Square Project was a project to create a monument in the Adonian capitol of Longhorn. The Square's Purpose is to show the world that the Adonian People are stronger together and that Adonian unity is unbreakable. It is planned to be used as a place for speeches and other ceremonies. The Friendship and Unity Square is also used mostly during holidays and other days that commemorate lost ones as well.


RadioAdonia is a podcast service that serves Adonia. RadioAdonia was created by Andrew Franson with the goal of getting the common Adonian Voice out into the world, helping listeners understand Adonia and micronations as a whole. RadioAdonia began uploading episodes on 4 October, 2021 but created a continuous uploading schedule in early February, 2021. As of the last update of this article about Adonia, RadioAdonia is on pause following the start of the Transitional Period.

The first update of Friendship and Unity Square

On the 24 March 2021, Andrew Franson began an update on Friendship and Unity Square. The first part of the update was to plant an Adonian Flag at Friendship and Unity Square permanently. This idea was a success. The update of Friendship and Unity Square was a major success, Allowing the Adonian Flag to be planted permanently outside. The update finished when it was planned, that being the 6 April 2021.

The International Solidarity Conference

The International Solidarity Conference is a micronational summit sponsored by the People's Republic of Adonia in order to provide a place in the community to discuss micronational events, the community as a whole, and other various topics that are related to micronationalism and the real world. It first came into fruition in Early September 2021, and the first summit took place on the 14 September 2021

Solidarity Front

The Solidarity Front is a micronational organization founded by Andrew Franson on 30 September 2021 in an effort to create a unique organization that differs from the common 'YAMO'. It takes into consideration criticism discussed at The International Solidarity Conference and also takes into consideration the micronational community, and the development of its member-states and the community. Its existence is protected by its 4 goals, and 10 principles that keep the Front under a set of ideas.

The Intermicronational Unity Summit

On 29 June 2022, Adonia began work on a project dubbed TIMUS. It would later be published within the next week to be known as the 'Intermicronational Unity Summit'. The summit is being held from the 19th of June to the 26th of June, exactly one week long. the TIMUS project has created an environment for micronationalists to meet, introduce their nations to each other, and discuss their nations, politics, and the community with its problems. The Summit aims to be able to have a treaty end goal in which some sort of treaty, or multiple treaties and projects over time, are signed by each representative to bring the participants together on an idea.


The culture of Adonia is based off of Russian, German and Polish values and ideals. Adonia takes many holidays, traditions, music and ideas from Russia, the w:Germany, and Poland. Many designs from Adonia are inspired by Socialist Design and or Cultural Design.

An old Adonian-Socialist poster depicting 3 Proletarian designs holding the flags of each Adonian Cultural Base. (Left to Right, Russian Federation, Republic of Poland, and the Federal Republic of Germany)


Adonian cuisine is based off of three main countries: Russia, Germany and Poland. With some containing foods worldwide. Adonian food mainly comes from the United States. Including classic foods such as the hamburger, hotdog, pizza, steak and other classic American meals. Some other cuisine from other countries include alloco (fried plantain) from Ivory Coast, Riz Gras; from Burkina Faso, Kielbasa (Commonly called Polish Sausage in Adonia)]; from Poland, and much more. Adonian Cuisine is mainly based on its cultural bases. However, Adonian Cuisine also takes major world aspects such as African, Asian and European Cuisine.


Music within the Federation of Adonia that are popular are songs such as Katyusha (A Soviet folk song), Wide is my Adonian Motherland (Rendition of Wide is my Motherland). Music within the Federation of Adonia tends to be either from the United States of America, Russian Federation, The Federal Republic of Germany, The Republic of Poland, The German Democratic Republic, The USSR and the DPRK.

Foreign relations

The Federation of Adonia mainly holds a policy of focusing on Domestic Affairs. However, it has shown interest in interacting with the Micronational Community. Adonia left major parts of the micronational community following Premier Andrew's note of leave. However, Adonia continues to interact with the micronational community in treaties of mutual recognition and diplomatic relations.

Geography and climate

All Adonian Terrtories were mainly located within villages that were considered suburbs of larger cities (Larger Cities such as Chicago, Illinois). However, Adonian territories were mainly surrounded by either forests or plains.

Climate data for Federation of Adonia, Longhorn Governorate
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0.5
Average low °C (°F) −6.6
Average precipitation mm (inches) 19.05
Source: timeanddate.com[1]
Climate data for People's Federation of Adonia, Kalamazoo Governorate
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0
Average low °C (°F) −7.2
Average precipitation mm (inches) 20.32
Source: timeanddate.com[2]

National Parks/Monuments

National Park/Monument Name Picture of the Momument/Park Date of Opening
Friendship and Unity Square 7 December, 2020

State Media


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