Vinlandic Overseas Territories

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Vinlandic Overseas Territories


• Total
3,019 m2 ([convert: unknown unit])*
ISA0001 code VOT

The Vinlandic Overseas Territories (V.O.T) is an appellation used to designate all the territories under Vinland rule, which are not inside the metropolis. They are considered as part of the Principality of Vinland and thus ruled the same way.

The VOT are separated in different Administrative zones, which were placed under the juridiction of the "Doges", which are directly appointed by the Prince of Vinland.

After a decision of the Prince Alaixaiy I, the Principality of Vinland stepped back and abandoned all claim of sovereignty on the Vinlandic Overseas Territories, on the 21st March 2023.

V.O.T of the South Twin Island

The South Twin Island is an island with a surface of 30,19 sqm (78.18 km²), located in the south of the James Bay in Canada, and was part of the First Administrative District of Northern America.

It joined the Principality of Vinland the 11th February 2023, becoming the first Vinlandic Overseas Territory.

The Island is currently inhabited, and is the first Vinlandic protected territory, as the entirety of the South Twin Island was declared as a Natural Space under Protection.