Federal Republic of Avenska

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Federal Republic of Avenska

Motto: Pura ac felix patria (Latin: Clean and prosperous country)
Anthem: Always be prosperous
Capital Stella Whalers
Other languages English
Demonym(s) Avenskin
Legislature Parliament
Establishment May 4, 2022
Currency Aven Stella
Time zone UTC +9, GMT -4
Calling code +0057
ISA0001 code AVE

Federal Republic of Avenska is a micronation established on May 04, 2022, with the purpose of building a community for citizens, protecting the environment and supporting artistic activities.


The etymology originates from "United Federation Republic", the nation he first created in the United States in 2019, when first discussing it on May 4th with its founder, the first president, Harrison M.

After that, the current second president, Thoclus K., proposed "Avenska," which he had planned, as a result, the current name of the country was created.

The name "Avenska" is derived from a game called Aven Colony, a future fantasy game, and the suffix -ska is added.

National Goals

National goals can be divided into two categories. These are the goals of the founding of the country and the goals of its activities.

1. Founding Goal The goal of the founding of the country is, first of all, to construct a new space exclusively for citizens by building a space in the sea where a new community can be built by 2035.

2. Activity Goal The goal of the activity is to take the lead in environmental conservation and animal protection, and to build a community that contributes to the development of culture through art and music. Those who are already proficient in the fields of music and art have decided to contribute.


  1. Early

On May 4th, the first president and founder, Harrison M., described the United Federation, a country he had created in 2019, explaining the state before establishing a specific government structure. The name of the country was initially intended to be designated as the United Federation, but Avenska was added to give originality and finally became the current country name. After revealing his goal for this country to be a whole community, he began discussing it with Thoclus K. in earnest, quickly creating national symbols and structures, and the government structure was finalized on May 9th. After that, by the end of May, an office was set up to carry on the basic national projects and plans, and preparations were made to carry on various businesses.

  1. Middle

In early June, discussions did not take place for a long time due to the sudden busyness of personal work and overlapping to-dos, but the establishment of the foundation of the nation is continuing.




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