Reserve Forces of the Republic of Vinland

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Reserve Forces of the Republic of Vinland
Service branches

1st Reserve Infantry Battalion

22nd Health Support Battalion
Headquarters Ceaburg training camp
Commodore Alaixaiy Braus
Military age 17-55
Active personnel 0
Reserve personnel 6
Deployed personnel 0 as of October 2023
Domestic suppliers Mikhail Industries™

The Reserve Forces of the Republic of Vinland (RFRV) sometimes referred as the Militia is a corps of Vinlandic citizens trained for military operations and the protection of the Republic of Vinland.

This force is composed of civilians aged between eighteen and fifty-five years old, who received a military training for a period of three to five weeks in order to be able to carry out basic combat missions and assist the Civil Guard in the supervision of large events.

The reservists are spread among battalions, each of them being specialized in a specific task in order to increase the efficiency of the global force. However it is worth to point out that all battalions have the same basic training. Each battalion is supervised by the Colonel in charge of the training camp, however, once the formation is finished, a sergeant is designed in each battalion to lead it during operations.

In time of peace, the reservists go along with their regular civilians activities, however, in case of danger the Government can decide to mobilize a part or the entirety of the reserve battalions.

Doctrine and training

The training of the Reserve Forces aims to develop the capabilities of the citizen to answer a foreign aggression, and provide them advanced training, which includes (but is not limited to): weapons manipulation, guerrilla warfare, group coordination, urban combat, first aid services. The reservists are divided into Small battalions, which must undergo an annual week of training to ensure their readiness.

The main doctrine of the Vinlandic warfare relied on guerrilla warfare, and the principle of harassment of the enemy's forces before engaging them with the more experienced troops from the Civil Guard.

Flags and emblems