Vinlandic National Guard

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Vinlandic National Guard
Flag commonly used by the National Guard, introduced on the 6th March 2023.
Motto To protect and to serve
Founded 5th February 2023
Disbanded 31st July 2023
Headquarters Ceaburg
Captain of the National Guard Alaixaiy Braus
Conscription Based on voluntary service
Active personnel 0
Reserve personnel 0

The Vinlandic National Guard (also referred as the Vinlandic National Militia) was the first service of civil protection within Vinland. It was founded under the Chancellery of Vinland through the Signature of an Official Ordinance.

Despite the pacifism of Vinland, the National Guard kept a quite large amount of troops, by having half of the population member of the organization at its peak. However the National Guard never engaged any in real military operation .

On the 31st July 2023, with the proclamation of the Republic of Vinland, the National Guard was disbanded and replaced by the Vinlandic Ministry of Defense and National Safety.