Vinlandic Ministry of Defense and National Safety

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Vinlandic Ministry of Defense
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Ministry of Defense
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Socialist Republic of Vinland
Headquarters Ceaburg
Motto Si vis pacem, para bellum
Employees 1
Annual budget $300,000 USD (estimated for full functionning)

The Vinlandic Ministry of Defense & National safety (also known as Ministry of Defense or more simply MoD), is one of the 4 Vinlandic ministries created under the former Republic of Vinland, it is the direct descendant of the Vinlandic National Guard. The Ministry of Defense is currently composed of two main branches: The Civil Guard, and the Homeland Safety and Intelligence agency.

The Ministry of Defense aims to coordinate the action of both the Civil Guard and the HSIA, in order to ensure the peace within Vinland's borders, and carry out law enforcement.