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Public Congress
Industry Audiovisual media
Founded March 27th 2024
Headquarters Ceaburg, Republic of Vinland
Owners National Congress, President of Vinland
Parent NorVin Group
Twitter page of Public Congress.

Founded in March 27th 2024 by Alaixaiy Braus, Public Congress is a part of the NorVin Group public conglomerate and is the first media agency of the Republic of Vinland. The media is currently operating on Twitter only, providing short news, however a project for a website that would include a recap of the week's key information is currently under study and should be released by the summer of 2024.

Public Congress is also forced by the government of Vinland to be cautious about the reliability of their information, and in the event of a flawed information, is expected to withdraw the information and either publish a corrected and accurate version or detail how this information was fake.

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