Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle

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Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
Medal of the Companion grade
Awarded by Ameristralia
Sovereign Prince
Type Dynastic medal (honour)
Established 10 October 2021
Eligibility Peers of Ameristralia
Awarded for Discretion of the Sovereign Prince
Status Currently constituted
Head of State David Brooke
Grades Inquistor
First induction 24 December 2021
Last induction 24 December 2021
Total inductees 10
Next (higher) Order of the Crimson Garter
Next (lower) Royal Order of the Phoenix


The Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle is a dynastic honour in Ameristralia. It is awarded to Peers of Ameristralia by the Sovereign Prince.

General information

The Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle, popularly known as the Rose, was officially established on October 10, 2021, through a decree issued by His Sovereign Highness David. It held the esteemed position of being the highest dynastic order bestowed in Ameristralia at that time. However, on April 23, 2022, the Order of the Crimson Garter was introduced as the new premier honour of the municipality. As a result, the MNROSE was subsequently recognized as the second-highest dynastic honour within Ameristralia.

To date, the Order has been conferred upon nine distinguished individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and meritorious service. Among the recipients are individuals who have been honoured with multiple grades in alignment with their respective peers, meeting the established criteria for this prestigious award.


The base design of the order is a white field and two thick royal purple vertical stripes at the ends with a red rose in the centre of the medal and ribbon. The Stranger grade is the base design. Companion includes a single vertical stripe on each side, near the edge. The Knight design adds a second stripe, while the Inquisitor grade features two stripes with a thick centred stripe.

A medal and ribbon may be worn by individuals who hold Inquisitor, Knight or Companion ranks. Stranger grade does not have a medal.

Design of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
Grade Post nominals Medal Ribbon
Inquisitor InQ
Knight KnT
Companion CmP
Stranger StR


Peers of Ameristralia are bestowed with a specific grade within the order based on their noble rank. However, there are certain distinctions within the order's granting process. While all hereditary Patent holders are entitled to the Companion rank in the Venerable Order of the Eagle, Peers must hold the noble rank of Viscount or above to be eligible for the prestigious Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle.

In the case of the Sovereign Prince and their spouse, who holds the Duchy of Brookfield, they receive a unique rank known as Inquisitor. As prescribed by The Sovereign Prince, they jointly serve as the co-Heads of the Order. Dukes and Duchesses, rather than the sovereign and their spouse, are granted the rank of Knight within the Order. Earls and Countesses receive the rank of Companion, while Viscountcies hold the lowest grade of Stranger within the order's hierarchy.


The following individuals have received a Patent as a member of the order.

Recipients of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
Grade Post nominals Recipient
Inquisitor InQ David Brooke
Katharine Brooke
Knight KnT David Brooke
Katharine Brooke
Companion CmP Tehya Brooke
Katharine Brooke
Chase Mahoning
Aidan Pierce
Tobey Wyles
Greg Matthews
Stranger StR David Brooke
Aidan Pierce
Kyson Brooke
Tina Rogers
Fabian Jusep
Greg Matthews

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