Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces

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Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces
Seal of the Defence Forces
Ensign of the Defence Forces
Founded 15 August 2021
Current form 1 January 2022
Service branches
Commander-in-Chief Sovereign Lord Mayor of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia
Minister of Defence Vacant
Chief of the General Staff Vacant
Active personnel 3

The Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces, commonly referred to as the Ameristralian Military, is the non-standing military force of the municipality, administered by the Ministry of Defence. The Ameristralian Military consists of two service branches at all times, with a third branch added during times of conflict. The Sovereign Ameristralian Army is the land defence force and is responsible for the defence of land claims. The Sovereign Ameristralian Navy is the maritime force and is responsible for the defence of territory with water borders. The Ameristralian Border Security Agency coordinates with the Ministry of Defence to provide border security and protection during times of war.

The Sovereign Lord Mayor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Ameristralian Military and holds the highest rank of Field Marshal while in army uniform and Admiral of the Fleet in naval uniform. The Sovereign Lord Mayor does not hold a rank within the Ameristralian Border Security Agency.

General information

Ameristralian Army and Navy (15 August 2021 - 3 September 2021)

Ameristralian Navy logo circa August 2021

The Ameristralian Army and Navy were established on 15 August 2021, two days following the foundation of Ameristralia. The Army, as the land-based defence force was originally responsible as a first responder and border security agency. The Ameristralian Navy was redundant, due to Ameristralia not having marine borders at the time. Equipment for the military was created out of paper by Kade Brooke, Baron Gardenia. The Australian Ships (AS) Bob and AS Squid were A-class destroyers that sunk during initial water tests. The Navy no longer has equipment. Ameristralian Army equipment consisted of two A-10 paper tanks. During field testing, the tanks did not hold up and the Ameristralian Ministry of Defence cancelled the supply contract.

The first Minister of Defence was Kade Brooke, who upon elections in January 2022, was removed from the ministry and given the rank of Admiral of the Fleet, as the commander of the Royal Ameristralian Navy.

Royal Ameristralian Defence Force (3 September 2021 - 1 January 2022)

Coat of arms of the Royal Ameristralian Defence Forces circa September 2021

The Royal Ameristralian Defence Force was created from the Ameristralian Army and Navy upon the Act of the People to Self Govern on 3 September 2021. Ameristralia declared independence and officially became a constitutional monarchy, changing the style of the military. Defence Forces was used instead of Army and Navy for a more professional-sounding name.

The Sovereign Lord Mayor was still constituted as the Commander-in-Chief and given the ranks of Field Marshal of the Army and Admiral of the Fleet. His Sovereign Lord David I appointed Kade Brooke, Baron Gardenia to the position of Admiral of the Fleet as commander of the Royal Ameristralian Navy and Kevin Doan, Baron Melton to the position of General as commander of the Royal Ameristralian Army. New ranks insignias were created to reflect the changing of the defence forces and align with the new Coat of arms, which was created to illustrate the nation had become a constitutional monarchy. During this period, the navy had two Admirals of the Fleet, although the rank is ceremonial in nature for the Sovereign Lord Mayor. The sovereign may appoint a military officer to the rank during wartime. Baron Kade was given the rank of Admiral of the Fleet for his initial work for the Ameristralian Army and Navy.

The Royal Ameristralian Defence Force, without equipment and uniforms, is considered largely ceremonious in nature. The military does participate in state functions as an honour guard for ceremonies and national celebrations, visits with foreign heads of state, and acts as border security. The defence force has not yet participated in foreign military academies, training exercises, or domestic and foreign conflicts. During the Civil War of the Empire of Lurdentania in October 2021, His Sovereign Lord participated as an advisor to the Emperor, Rory I to assist in quelling the rebel invasion. The conflict ended after the rebels surrendered and terms of peace were agreed to. The Royal Ameristralia Defence Force commissioned the Defence of the Empire of Lurdentania Medal. David I is the only recipient of the award. It was decommissioned in December 2021.

Former Admiral of the Fleet insignia circa September 2021

Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces (1 January 2022 - Present)

On 1 January 2022, His Sovereign Lord David I, issued changes to the name of the military again, deciding to follow the naming convention of Ameristralia and use sovereign rather than royal. Ranks and structure have remained unchanged although the emblems, ensigns, insignia, and seals were replaced to better reflect the name change.

Emblem of the Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces since January 2022
On 5 March 2022, the Military and Police Act was promulgated by His Sovereign Lord David I formally creating the foundations of the Ameristralian military"Military and Police Act". Ameristralia Government. Library of the Assembly. 5 March 2022. Retrieved 11 June 2022.
Seal of the Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces since January 2022