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The ISA codes of Ameristralia are the Intermicronational Standards Administration codes adopted by the Ameristralian Municipal Standards (AMS) office for use within the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia. ISA codes are used as a standardised representation of country and currency codes written and published by national standard bodies for use by micronations. The Ameristralian National Standards body is a founding member of the International Standards Administration and author of ISA0001 and ISA0002.

His Sovereign Lord's Government of Ameristralia uses the ISA codes for representation and standardisation as adopted by the ANS.

ISA standards of Ameristralia

Ameristralia currently uses the two published ISA standards, ISA0001 to represent the municipality and its subdivisions and ISA0002 for the representation of its currency, the Ameristralian Dollar.

ISA0001 codes

Country name Official state name ISA0001-A3-001 code
Ameristralia Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia AMR
Country name ISA0001-A3-001 Country code Subdivision name Official subdivision name ISA0001-A3-003 Subdivision code
Ameristralia AMR Harkfield Harkfield AMR-HFI
Ameristralia AMR Herrisford Herrisford AMR-HSF
Ameristralia AMR Hillover Hillover AMR-HIL
Ameristralia AMR Horgrave Horgrave AMR-HGV
Ameristralia AMR Hubourne Hubourne AMR-HBN
Ameristralia AMR Terrasen Terrasen AMR-TRA

ISA0002 codes

Country name Official state name Currency name ISA0002-A4 code
Ameristralia Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia Ameristralian Dollar AMRD

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