Order of the Crimson Garter

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Order of the Crimson Garter
Sovereign of the Order Medal
Awarded by Ameristralia
Sovereign Prince
TypeDynastic medal (honour)
Established23 April 2022
EligibilityDiscretion of the Sovereign Prince
Awarded forDiscretion of the Sovereign Prince
StatusCurrently constituted
Head of StateDavid Brooke
First induction23 April 2022
Last induction23 April 2022
Total inductees2
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle


The Order of the Crimson Garter is an invitation-only honour awarded by the Sovereign Prince of Ameristralia. There is little information on the requirements to receive the honour or the maximum number of recipients. The order has two grades, one for the Sovereign of the Order. The Knight/Dame grade is granted for those individuals, not the sovereign.

General information

The prestigious honour known as the Order of Crimson Garter was established on April 23, 2022, in celebration of the birthday of The Right Honourable Earl Chase Mahoning, Earl of Harkfield, Baron Mahoning. This esteemed individual was recognized for his exceptional and dedicated service to His Sovereign Highness David. Earl Chase Mahoning firmly believed that Ameristralia was in need of a dynastic honour that carried a significant level of prestige, akin to the existing Order of Ameristralia.

The Order of the Crimson Garter comprises two distinct grades, each denoted by its own unique design. However, it is important to note that the grade of Knight/Dame features a slightly different design depending on the recognized gender of the recipient. This approach ensures that the design and presentation of the honour are tailored to appropriately honour individuals based on their gender identity.


Design of the Order of the Crimson Garter
Grade Post nominals Medal Ribbon
Sovereign SCG
*Knight KCG
*Dame DCG
  • - denotes grades are equal in rank


The following individuals have received a Patent as a member of the order.

Recipients of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
Grade Post nominals Recipient
Sovereign SCG David Brooke
*Knight KCG Aidan Pierce
Chase Mahoning
*Dame DCG Tehya Brooke
Katharine Brooke
  • - denotes grades are equal in rank

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