Venerable Order of the Eagle

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Venerable Order of the Eagle
Ribbon of the Grand Commander Knight grade
Awarded by Ameristralia
Sovereign Prince
Type Dynastic medal (honour)
Established 18 September 2021
Eligibility Distinguished and honourable service to Ameristralia
Awarded for Discretion of the Sovereign Prince
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Prince David Brooke
Grades Grand Commander Knight
Commander Knight
Stranger Knight
First induction 24 December 2021
Last induction 24 December 2021
Total inductees 7
Next (higher) Royal Order of the Phoenix
Next (lower) Order of the Emu


The Venerable Order of the Eagle holds a significant place as a dynastic order within Ameristralia. This prestigious honour is bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and honourable service to the municipality.


The Venerable Order of the Eagle, established on September 18, 2021, through a royal decree, holds a special place within Ameristralia. This distinguished order is bestowed by the sovereign prince at their discretion, recognizing individuals for various reasons, such as outstanding service, significant contributions, or even diplomatic gestures towards foreign heads of state. The order serves as a mark of honor and appreciation for the recipients' notable achievements and contributions.


Design of the Venerable Order of the Eagle
Grade Post nominals Medal Ribbon
Grand Commander Knight GCK
Commander Knight CK
Stranger Knight SK
Commander CNE
Companion NC
Member MNE


The following individuals have received a Patent as a member of the order.

Recipients of the Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
Grade Post nominals Recipient
Grand Commander Knight GCK David Brooke
Commander Knight CK Kevin Doan
Stranger Knight SK Edward Spencer
William Lehmark
Commander CNE Rafe Burfield
Chris Millar
Lord Watitune
Companion NC
Member MP

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