Micronations Map

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Micronations Map
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World Map of The Micronations
(Click on image to zoom in)
Artist Ethan S.
Year 2023
Medium Digital drawing
Movement Micronationalism
Condition Continually improved and updated
Owner Republic of The Sohnland

This variation of the micronations world map illustration was created on the 6th of August 2023 by Ethan S. of the Republic of The Sohnland for use in the guide to micronationalism. The map is continually improved and updated over time to fix any issues and to add new nations.

List of DoveArchives micronations on the map

List of micronations that are in the DoveArchives community that are also on the Micronations Map.

Flag Name Capital Founded in Population
Republic of The Sohnland Dovedon City 2005
Republic of Vinland Ceaburg 2022
Republic of Libertalia Imperia 2017
Republic of Ethosia Arkania 2020
Rio Grande Republic Guadalupe 2023
Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia Grosvenor 2021
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Empreton 2018
Penn Federal Republic Medici City 2020
Kingdom of Pontunia New Rouen 2020
Grand Order of DR NDC 2019