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Template:Microgovernment Bauwersjteit (English: Bauwer state) is an ideology and type of government used by the Gasconadian government in the period after the Ozark Union. It is often compared with variants of Authoritarian democracy, and national populism through its strong support of populism, nationalism, the people, and authoritarianism. It differs though on its policies of religious, and ethnic nationalism, anti-Marxism, anti-Capitalism, environmentalism, and of course being specific to the Bauwer folk. The ideology could also be referred to as "Folkstate".


Bauwersjteit is culturally right wing, and economically left wing.


Culturally, Bauwersjteit is very conservative. It restricts immigration to only those of the Christian faith, and upholds fundamentalist Protestant Christianity. It promotes the family, homesteading, traditionalism, and of course, Christianity. Bauwersjteit heavily represses abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and progressivism, among other things.


Economically, Bauwersjteit is fairly similar to market socialism, while staying anti-Marxist. Businesses are required to have an independent trade union, with the employees holding a majority stake in their place of work. Resource allocation is left up to the market, albeit with considerable regulation. Bauwersjteit upholds a progressive income tax, and an inheritance tax, similar to Huey Long's Share the Wealth plan. All banks in this system would be completely owned by the state, and therefore owned by the people.

The state

Regarding the state, Bauwersjteit is a mix between authoritarian democracy, and representative democracy. It is characterized by a strong leader, and a mildly powerful legislature. Elections for the legislature occur at roughly the same frequency as in other micronational governments, while elections for the leader seldom happen, as the leader holds his position for life. The legislature and the leader share a lot of powers, but when disagreements happen, the leader takes precedent. It hold that the state should act as the steward of the environment, maintaining it for purposes of health, posterity, and because God created it. Bauwersjteit holds that the rights of the citizenry come before all else.


Bauwersjteit is fervently anti-Marxist, and anti-Capitalist. It holds that states should represent specific nationalities, in a sort of ethno-cultural nationalism, and serve at the behest of the people it represents. Bauwersjteit believes that these nation-states should be completely self sufficient, or autarkic.


The ideology of Bauwersjteit is a new one, so its usage is limited.


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