Bauwer National Front (Gasconade)

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Bauwer National Front
Bauwer Neitsjonal Front
Bauwer Theedly Fold
General Secretary Joshua Stoddard
Slogan By God, valor, and labor!
Founded 26 December 2021
Headquarters Holbeck
Membership  (2022) 3
Ideology Bauwersjteit
Social Conservatism
Market Socialism
Christian Nationalism
Share Our Wealth
Political position Syncretic
Far-right accused
Official colours Green, Blue, and White
Folkmoot of Gasconade
2 / 3

The Bauwer National Front (Bauwer: Bauwer Neitsjonal Front; Anglish: Bauwer Theedly Fold) is a syncretic political party in the Meanwealth of Gasconade. It's been described by some as far-right, however it denies this accusation. The party endorses nationalism, anti-Marxist socialism, environmentalism, and Bauwersjteit.


The Bauwer National Front was founded on 26 December, 2021, after a ban on political parties had been lifted. It does not claim to be, but is seen by many as a successor to the previous Social Nationalist Front, which was disbanded on 30 November, 2021.

On 2 February, 2022, the same day Gasconade reunited with Ethosia, the Bauwer National Front united with the Social Nationalist Front of Ethosia to form the Folks-Social Nationalist Front. It soon changed its name to the Bauwer National Front.


  • Draft and propose a constitution,
  • Establish Bauwer, and Anglish, as official languages,
  • Develop the Anglo-Deutsch culture of Gasconade through various cultural projects,
  • "Keep out Marxist influence",
  • Continue anti-Capitalist, and anti-Communist economic reforms,
  • Maintain the Christianity of Gasconade.

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