Ethosian Democratic Union

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Ethosian Democratic Union
Leader Gabriel Sebastian
Slogan Do, dream, fight, create!
Founded 1 March 2022
Headquarters Ozarkia Province, Ethosia
Membership  (2022) 3
Ideology Populism
Left-Wing Nationalism
Political position Syncretic
Ethosian Parliament
4 / 10

The Ethosian Democratic Union is a political party in the Republic of Ethosia. The party has roots in the Social Nationalist Front of Ethosia, the Ethosian Worker's Party, and the now defunct Ethosian Progressive Party. The EDU was founded as a result of President Gabriel Sebastian furthering his agenda of pushing the nation in a direction of progress, instead of stagnation.



The Ethosian Democratic Union (EDU) was founded by Gabriel Sebastian, Joshua Stoddard. At the time of the founding, Gabriel Sebastian was active President of the Republic of Ethosia. Meanwhile Stoddard would act as Deputy Prime Minister to at the time Prime Minister. The EDU was formed after the 2022 February Parliament & Presidential elections where the Social Nationalist Front of Ethosia, now the EDU, would win a solid majority of the vote which would guarantee an undeniable majority in Parliament. The EDU also won the Presidency under President Sebastian. The EDU was founded afterwards as part of an initiative made by President Sebastian to deradicalize the state and push for more realistic political focuses.


In the 2022 Parliamentary election, Alexandros Irikladis and Titania Smith ran for the Ethosian Progressive Party and the Ethosian Worker's Party respectively, but neither got a seat and the EPP was dissolved due to a lack of votes, however, the two would end up filling vacant seats for the EDU. On March 9, 2022, an LGBT protection bill was proposed by Alexandros to Titania, and as initially written the bill would have read "member of Parliament for the Ethosian Democratic Union representing the opposition", however "opposition" was changed to "Marxist-Progressive Coalition". This led Alexandros to found an actual Marxist-Progressive Coalition, to which Titania has been invited. She has not replied as of March 10.


The EDU describes itself as a syncretic, social nationalist, populist, and Longist party.


Goals outlined per the recent campaigning done (Feb. 2022) lines out the goals of the Ethosian Democratic Union (EDU) to focus on the development of a defensive force, the formation of an economic sphere, reforming the United Sovereignties in to a defensive and economic alliance, and reopening diplomacy with major states. The EDU focuses on a maintaining syncretic state and the need for democratic process and individual freedoms.

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