Parishes of Gasconade

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The Parishes of the Meanwealth of Gasconade are political entities subordinate to the government of Gasconade. They exist mainly for administrative purposes rather than federal purposes, different to the former counties.


Before the Parish system in use now, there were counties. The Counties of the State of Gasconade were political entities subordinate to the State. Because of the small population, and little activity, only one was made. The County of Holbeck was the only county in the State, and was ruled by the Chancellor; needless to say it was a redundant position, as the State didn't control any other land than the land claimed by both the State and the County. This however changed in October 2021


In October 2021, with the passing of the Parish Act of 2021, Gasconade revived an old system. It was useful this time around though, as elections needed to be handled and the military needed to be organized.

Name Flag Area Population Leader Date Founded Location Description
Holbeck Parish File:Wsfalimia.jpg 0.014 mi²
0.036 km²
2 James Stoddard 29 October 2021 Lebanon De facto capital of Gasconade
Battlefield Parish File:BattlefieldParishFlag.png 0.0016 mi²
0.004 km²
1 Lukas Stoddard 29 October 2021 Springfield Named for a nearby civil war battlefield