Homeland Safety and Intelligence Agency (Vinland)

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Homeland Safety and Intelligence Agency
Agency overview
Formed 7th March 2023
Jurisdiction Republic of Vinland
Headquarters Ceaburg
Motto Act in the shadows to keep the lights shining

The Homeland Safety and Intelligence Agency (HSIA) is the second branch of the Ministry of Defense along the Civil Guard, and constitutes the Intelligence Department of the Republic of Vinland. The main area of jurisdiction of the HSIA stays within the Vinlandic borders, however the Agency reserves to itself the right to conduct operations inside foreign territories if the necessity to do so is considered as real.

The main missions of the HSIA is too prevent Foreign Threats, conduct Intelligence gathering operations and transmit them to the Civil Guard, or to prevent domestic threats in Vinland.

The HSIA is known for having a strict and extremely hard selection process for the applicants.

The main branch of the HSIA is the National Surveillance Bureau (NSB) which is tasked with the Intelligence gathering missions, and the surveillance of the activities within the Republic of Vinland, in tight collaboration with the Civil Guard. They also have the power to arrest individuals prosecuted for Crimes against the State. The NSB works along with the Foreign Influence Surveillance Commission (FISC) which is tasked with the controlling the foreign influences within the Republic of Vinland.

A project for a special CNRB fight unit have been proposed and is currently under discussion within the Ministry of Defense.