Sovereign Ameristralian Army

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Sovereign Ameristralian Army
Seal of the Army
Ensign of the Army
Founded15 August 2021
Current form1 January 2022
Sovereign Prince and Commander-in-ChiefSovereign Prince of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia
Minister of DefenceVacant
Chief of the General StaffVacant
Reserve personnel3

The Sovereign Ameristralian Army, commonly referred to as the "Ameristralian Army" or "Army", is the land-based military force of Ameristralia. The army is led by the Sovereign Prince, as commander-in-chief and administered by the Minister of Defence. The highest rank in the service branch is Field Marshal, which is held by His Sovereign Highness David. As of 1 January 2024, the army is not a standing military branch. The current active force is zero. It has a reserve force of 3.