Special Purpose Unit (Vinland)

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Special Purpose Unit
Official logo of the Special Purpose Unit, worn by operators on duty.
Shoulder patch worn by Special Purpose Unit's operators.
Motto Officium, Fides, Honoris
Headquarters Ceaburg
Lieutenant Alaixaiy Braus
Active personnel 0

The Special Purpose Unit (SPU) is a special branch of the National Police of Vinland, led by a Lieutenant.

It is regarded as the elite branch of the National Police and its armed unit, aiming to fulfill a role comparable to this of the french GIGN. Their main mission emphasizes counter-terrorism, VIP protection, hostage rescue, or counter intelligence operations. The Special Purpose Unit agents are selected among the regular National Police officers, and undergo a special additional training to prepare them for their mission. They can also be send abroad to supervise the training of Vinland's strategic partners, such as in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization.