Municipal Medal of Valour (Ameristralia)

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Municipal Medal of Valour
Awarded by Ameristralia
Municipal Assembly
TypeMilitary decoration
Established28 August 2021
EligibilitySovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces member
Awarded forGreat courage in the face of danger, especially during combat
StatusCurrently constituted
Sovereign PrinceDavid
Chief MinisterKyson Brooke
Minister of DefenceVacant
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Conspicuous Bravery Medal


The Municipal Medal of Valor is a prestigious decoration bestowed by the Municipal Assembly to Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces personnel. It is awarded to individuals who have displayed exceptional bravery and courage in the face of danger, particularly in combat situations. This esteemed honour recognises the extraordinary acts of valour and selflessness demonstrated by recipients.

Notably, foreign soldiers who have served alongside or with the Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces are also eligible for this distinguished award. The Municipal Medal of Valor holds the highest precedence among military honours bestowed in Ameristralia, symbolizing the utmost respect and admiration for the remarkable courage exhibited by the recipients.


The Municipal Medal of Valor was officially established by royal decree on 28 August 2021.

The Medal of Valor is awarded by the Municipal Assembly, following the advice of the Minister of Defense or designated military commanders, to any military personnel serving in or with the Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces who have demonstrated exceptional distinction. These exceptional acts of distinction can occur in various situations:

  • Engaging in conflict with an enemy of Ameristralia.
  • Participating in military operations alongside opposing foreign forces.

The actions recognised by the Medal of Valor must exhibit the highest degree of bravery and courage, surpassing the requirements of the Conspicuous Bravery Medal. Recipients of this prestigious award have showcased exceptional heroism and distinguished themselves through their remarkable actions.


On 28 August 2021, the visionary then-Sovereign Lord Mayor of Ameristralia, David, introduced the concept of the Municipal Medal of Valor to the esteemed Municipal Assembly. The purpose of this proposal was to recognize and honour Ameristralian combatants who had displayed exceptional bravery and distinction in the line of duty. Recognizing the significance of this award, the Municipal Assembly wholeheartedly approved the Municipal Medal of Valor as the highest military honour in Ameristralia.

Originally, the medal featured the Ameristralian Coat of Arms, which was in use from September 2021 to April 2022. However, as part of a comprehensive revamp of Ameristralia's orders, decorations, and awards, significant changes were made to the design. In April 2022, a new design was introduced, removing the former Coat of Arms from the medals. The military medals were redesigned to have a uniform appearance, with shared traits across all decorations.

Prior to the redesign, the Municipal Medal of Valor was presented with a silver clasp attached to a rectangular ribbon. However, with the introduction of the new design, the medal underwent significant changes in its appearance and presentation.

This revamp of orders, decorations, and awards reflects Ameristralia's commitment to ensuring a cohesive and distinguished recognition system for its military personnel. The Municipal Medal of Valor stands as a symbol of honour and respect for the remarkable acts of courage and valour displayed by Ameristralian combatants.

Municipal Medal of Valour circa September 2021


There are currently no recipients of the Municipal Medal of Valour.

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