Army of Ethosia

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Army of the Republic of Ethosia
Proposed flag of the Ethosian Army
Founded20 July 2023
Disbanded23 April 2024
HeadquartersNew Arkania, Ethosia
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Sebastian
Minister of DefenseConnor McLean
Chief of Staff of the Ethosian ArmyGeneral Connor McLean (acting)
Available for
military service
4, age 15–49
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel3

The Army of Ethosia was the premier ground and cyber warfare branch of the Uniformed Services of Ethosia. It was founded on 20 July 2023 upon the ascension of Connor McLean to the position of Minister of Defense by order of President Gabriel Sebastian, and disbanded following Ethosian incorporation into the Republic of Libertalia on 23 April, 2024. It was the first formally standing army in the history of Ethosia.

History of the Army

Prehistory and foundation

The Ethosian Army can most directly trace its roots to the Ethosian Volunteers and Guerrilla's of the Ozark Crisis, and the Daz Forbond movement which formed during a period of Ethosian collapse. The Ethosian Army was formally activated on 20 July 2023, when President Gabriel Sebastian named Connor McLean as Ethosian Minister of Defense, and granted him the rank of General.

Early months and late 2023

Ethosia's Army was stagnant in its first few months, with only minor developments being made by General McLean from the months of July to October. It was not till 2 October that McLean's first major order as General was announced. Force Order 001, the first order of its kind, ordered all Ethosian citizens nationalized before 2 October 2023 be conscripted into the Ethosian Army Reserves, with the first two soldiers of the Army being put into service that day. In December, President Sebastian approved the Service-to-Citizen act, which created the outline for foreign nationals to become citizens of Ethosia through military service.


The first notable move made by the Army in 2024 was the formation of a new special forces corps, named the Ozark Rangers.

The Ethosian Army would be largely disbanded following Ethosia's incorporation into the Republic of Libertalia on 23 April. The Ozark Ranger Corps would be retained and transferred to the Libertalian Department of Defense to act in a new role as a territorial law enforcement division. All other army assets were absorbed into the Libertalian Army the same day.


The Ethosian Army's primary mission and purpose was to maintain the common defense of the people of Ethosia, protect Ethosian sovereignty, and to engage and neutralize enemies of the Republic of Ethosia both at home and abroad.



The ranks of the Ethosian Army were a direct copy of the rank structure of the Libertalian Army, one of many systems carried over from Libertalia by General McLean, as McLean is the President of Libertalia and a Lt. Colonel in its Army. The Ozark Rangers follow their own rank system as they are considered mostly separate from the Regular Army.


Branches of the Ethosian Army
Branch Mission
Infantry Corps Comprised all infantry and mechanized units of the Army
Cyber Corps Comprised all units responsible for cyber security
Logistics Corps Comprised the Army Logistics Command
Adjutant Generals Corps Responsible for recruiting and retention, the Army Reserves, and the Army Court system
Medical Corps Comprised all Army medical units.


Unit Commander role
1st Infantry Regiment General McLean Infantry, ground warfare

Libertalian Influence

Ethosia's Army heavily derived influence from the Army of Libertalia, with the latter being the seniormost of the two forces. Ethosia's Army utilized Libertalian ranks, organizational and unit structure systems, force doctrine and enlistment standards.

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