Army of the Republic of Libertalia

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Republic Army of Libertalia
Flag of the Army
Motto "Semper Fortis"
Founded 27 November, 2017
Current form 13 March, 2022
Headquarters Headquarters Garrison Gillean, Imperia
Commander-in-Chief President Connor McLean
Secretary of the Army Vacant
Chief of Staff of the Republic Army Lt. General O'Neal (acting)
Military age 17-34
Active personnel 3
Reserve personnel 2
Deployed personnel 1 (as of 4 January 2024)

The Republic Army of Libertalia, sometimes known as the Army of Libertalia, is a branch of the Libertalian Armed Forces founded on 27 November, 2017 by President Connor McLean. It is the oldest currently standing branch of the Libertalian Government, being founded at the same time as the nation itself.

The Army is one of the two Uniformed Services of Libertalia. It is managed by the Senate and the Department of Defense (which manages the Department of the Army). It is currently the largest branch of the republic's uniformed services and has always been historically, at its peak in 2017-18 numbering 30 strong. It is lead by a civilian Secretary of the Army and a General Officer, which serves as the Chief of Staff of the Army. As of February 2023, the size of the Army numbered 5 soldiers, with 3 active duty and 2 reserve soldiers.


As a uniformed service of the Republic of Libertalia, and the premier ground fighting force of the nations uniformed services, the Army's mission is "to deploy to, fight, and win against any enemy combatants of the Republic both foreign and domestic". The Army formerly acted in a dual role as a national law enforcement branch until the formation of the Republic National Police.

Army strategy revolves around the use of mechanized elements and small units to wage battle against conventionally larger military forces, utilizing guerilla and asymmetric warfare strategies when conducting offensive missions. Due to the small size of Libertalian Army components, doctrine around the Army's offensive capabilities has always revolved around these types of warfare to make the most of the resources available to the Army, although planning for a switch in doctrine towards more conventional tactics and strategy is planned as the size of the force increases.

The Army additionally maintains itself as a disaster relief and response force, due to the frequency of hurricanes which hit the State of Florida and other regions of the Southeastern United States. The Army trains its troops for disaster response, and any Army unit can readily be called upon to act in such a capacity when needed.


Shoulder patch worn by soldiers of the Army on the Army Dress Uniform type 1 (ADU1).

Origins and Early Years

The Republic Army can trace its origins to a short-lived militia formed by President McLean prior to the formation of the Republic of Libertalia, named the Florida Minutemen. When the Army first formed, the vast majority of the Minutemen's forces swore allegiance to Libertalia and formed what would be the first generation of Libertalian Army troops, with some of those original troops still serving in the Republic Army today.

The early years of the Republic Army were marked with many small conflicts which have since been denounced by the President and the Senate as Simulationism. The first known engagement of the Army was a "war" which is known as the Greenhill Conflict (2018), which saw little to no actual fighting and most information on the event as a whole has been lost in the years since. The Army during this time was largely disorganized, with no real concept of rank and file, and the only true authority belonging to President McLean, who served in the (now defunct) position of "Supreme General".


2019 and 2020 marked years of little formal action in the Army, with the Army serving largely as a police force in the Republic during this time. During this time, the Army was involved in an operation to remove the Micronationalist Ivan Brenovich from the Adonian Election's after the leader of Adonia voiced concern of Brenovich attempting to take control of the nation to form a Christian Theocracy. The Army was also put on high alert several times in this period, most notably during the January 6 United States Capitol attack January 6th insurrection. In March 2020, the Army was disbanded when the President dissolved Libertalia.


in March 2022, the Libertalian nation was reformed by President McLean, and among the events of the reformation of Libertalia was the reformation of the Republic Army, which reformed the day after the Republic was reformed. Since then, the Army has undergone much modernization to training, rank and file, doctrine, armament, and other areas.

2023 marked the first year of note for Libertalia's Army since 2019, with the North Carolina Expedition which took place in March 2023, which saw Major Connor McLean and Lt. General (then Brigadier General) Ryan O'Neal both venturing to the US State of North Carolina, with both being sent to different areas of the state. Each of the two was given a commemorative medal for their presence during the expedition.

2023 also marked the end of the year and a half long tenure of Lt. General O'Neal as Chief of Staff of the Army, with Sergeant Major of the Army Jacob Berry taking the role as acting Chief on 6 August 2023, a role which he continues to fill as of the present day. SMA Berry would resign on 17 November and President McLean would assume the role of acting Chief of Staff, SMA Berry would rejoin the Army the next day and return to his position upon reassignment by the President.


2024 would see the second deployment of Libertalian troops outside of Florida's borders, seeing a single soldier deployed to the US state of Missouri in an expeditionary mission to the area. This year would also see the end of SMA Berry's tenure with the Army, being replaced by Lieutenant General O'Neal, who would return to his post as the acting Chief on 9 April.


The Republic Army is divided into individual commands, each managing forces over a regional area, there is one command currently operational, Southern Command (SouthCOM), which oversees the forces located in the Libertalian home territories in Florida. These commands are overseen by the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Department of Defense and maintain both active duty and reserve components simultaneously.

The Army is currently divided into several corps which maintain soldier readiness in a variety of fields, these include the following:

Branch Mission
Infantry Corps Maintain and train Infantry based units to be used in Army offensive and defensive operations domestically and abroad.
Calvary Corps (mechanized and armor) Maintain mechanized and armored units for use in conjunction with Army Infantry during Army offensive and defensive operations both domestically and abroad.
Cyber Corps Protect and secure Libertalian cyber assets against threats, maintain national cybersecurity.
Military Police Corps Maintain law and order with Libertalia and within the Army.
Logistics Corps Maintain logistical operations, account for army inventory and manage supplies during Army operations.
Air Corps Operate and maintain Army aerial vehicles in conjunction with other Army branches during field operations.
Special Operations Conduct special operations and missions requiring higher skilled units and special capabilities not possessed by regular units.
Adjutant Generals Corps Charged with recruiting and retention, the army musical corps, and manning the force by assigning soldiers and equipment to individual units.
Medical Corps provide medical care to soldiers both on Army Instillations and in the field during engagements.


The Army is divided into several units for the purposes of conducting specific operations within their specialization.


Unit Commander Subunits
I Corps Lt. Col. Connor McLean 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Regiment (R), 1st Aerial Reconnaissance Wing
II Corps (foreign legion) Col. Sebastian Cohort A

Special Forces

Unit Subunits
1st Army Special Forces (battalion) Headquarters Company, A Company

*Note, R denotes units of the Army Reserves.

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