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Some things here I just stole and put on my page (usually joke about it to the person I stole it from. I always delete something they aren’t okay with)


Hi! Welcome to the User Page of Andrew Franson (But I prefer Valeriy/Val. So please call me that.) of the Federation of Adonia!

DISCLAIMER: I plan to add more to this page, including links and other info, soon! Check this page out when you can!

About the User

I’m a 16 year old from Illinois. I enjoy studying Political Theory, Politics in general, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, and I am looking into Astronomy. I also like to drive cars; any kind of car (except manual transmissions, you're a monster if you do that to me)! I lead the Federation of Adonia and it is one of the most important things to me. I also enjoy video games as well! I enjoy games like Minecraft, Call of Duty (up to Black ops 2), VR games like Pavlov VR, Blades and Sorcery, and I also enjoy games like Danganronpa!

My end goal in life is to eventually become a Political Scientist and continue my studies of Politics, History, and mankind as a whole there! It’s something I’m extremely passionate about.

About the User's Micronational Career

Significance in the Federation of Adonia

He holds the Supreme Executive Position of the Federation of Adonia, He is founder of Adonia and is one of its best Supreme Executives by far. He has developed Adonia and made it into what it is today as well as what it is known for. He created Adonian Guided Socialism, the state ideology of Adonia. He has opened many opportunities for Adonia and her people. He purchased an Adonian ID, T-shirt, Passport, created a constitution for Adonia (with the help of the President of Dolusia), He has created Adonian culture, taken Adonia through its worst and its best by far. He is known in Adonia as one of its Founding Members as well as one of the best. Andrew is also known to be one of the most patriotic Adonians in the Nation. Andrew has always stated that "I would die for the continued existence of Adonia. It is important to continue the struggle of the masses, the people. Adonia may not be a lot, but it is to me and always will be". He has received worry for this extreme patriotism, however. Andrew responds to this by saying that "Some people say I am too patriotic for Adonia. Chauvinistic, even. I say that it is perfectly natural for someone to love something that they deeply care about, something that permanently changed their life, and something that saved their life from depleting into nothingness. I even laugh at such a proposition."

Significance in the Adonian Torch Party

He is the third head of the Adonian Torch Party, Serving after being awarded the position by Titania Smith. He has held this position since 18 July, 2020 and so far has been the guiding force for the party. He has pushed the ATP into doing many of its accomplishments such as Friendship and Unity Square, or getting a homemade flag and getting the flag flying outside permanently. He has also been the main guiding force in many policies of the WPA, such as LGBTQIA Protections within the Adonian Bill of Rights in the Constitution, Or the foundation of the Party's ideology, Adonian Guided Socialism.

Significance in The Solidarity Front

He is the General Secretary of the House of the Solidarity Front, and is also the main founding member of the Solidarity Front. He is the head of the Micronational Research Division, and actively represents the Federation of Adonia in the SF.

Favourable/Liked Micronations of the User

Federation of Adonia
Grand Order of DR
Republic of The Sohnland
N/A Glotenburg
Confederation of the Northern Coast
File:Flag of Kingdom of Atlia.svg Reino de Atlia
Peoples Republic Of Baliga
Principality of Sealand

Favourite Studied Ideologies

Political Spectrum Ideology
Left-Wing Socialism and it's branch off's
Left-Wing, Right-Wing Anarchism and it's branch off's
Right-Wing, Third-Positionist Fascism
Centre-Right, Right-Wing Liberalism, Classical Liberalism, Social Liberalism

My Userboxes
This user has been a micronationalist for 5 years,  1 month, 17 days
This user is the Supreme Executive of the Federation of Adonia
The Federation of Adonia has been independent for 4 years 14 days
This user is the head of the Adonian Torch Party
This user has been the head of the Adonian Torch Party for 4 years 3 days
File:Political Compass Chart.pngThis user likes to study Political Theory and aims to become a Political Scientist
File:Flag-of-the-soviet-union-1955-1980-.svg.pngThis user likes to study the USSR and the history of it. the user is a nerd about it

ENGThis user is a native speaker of the English Language.