Federal Republic of Mabruenia

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Republic of Mabruenia

National flag of the Republic of Mabruenia
Seal of The Republic of Mabreunia

Motto: "Libertad y Paz" "Liberty and Peace"
Anthem: Our Glorious Republic Latin: Nostrae Gloriosae Reipublicae
Largest cityGrugow (capital)
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish Mabruenian Greek/Mabruenese
• President
Lily Fleming
• Vice President
Ronnie Quintana

• 2024 population
CurrencyUnited States Dollar, Éclats (USD, ÉLS)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Mountian Daylight Time)
ISA0001 codeMBA

LGBTQ+ rights in Republic of Mabruenia
Same-sex sexual activity legal?Yes
Age of consent18 (Equal age)
Gender identity/expressionYes
Recognition of
Military serviceYes
Transgender rights in Republic of Mabruenia
Gender identity/expressionYes
Recognition of
Military serviceYes
Presidential flag of Mabruenia

The Republic of Mabruenia, more commonly known as Mabruenia, is a micronation in North America. It was founded on January 12th 2023 after being influenced by Imperium Discordiae, who planned on claiming some islands in the Pacific Ocean in the future. Mabruenia has four states that are currently administered by the central government. It is a Constitutional Republic with a President and a Vice President. Mabruenia has official relations with the Republic of Ebenia and the Rycoccian Empire. It is a member of the International Council of Micronations, a Micronational organisation.


The origins of the name Mabruenia started when the founder couldn't think of a name. She asked a friend to assist her with a name "that begins with the letter M." President Fleming and her friend came up with the name Mabruenia.


Civil flag of The Republic of Mabruenia

History of the Federal Republic of Mabruenia.

Early history (2023)

Mabruenia was founded on January 12th, 2023 and had a discord server made for it. After Fleming lost her Discord account due to a false report, Maburenia went into a period of hibernation until February 5th, when it was officially remade and named the Second Republic. It was established with land claims and the day became known as a national independence holiday. Then the currency was made, as well as a coat of arms, which was changed at one point. The biggest event was a group on discord named The Commando Army trying to nuke Mabruenia's discord server after the president was given their server.

On March 23rd. 2023, the constitution was ratified by President Fleming and Vice President Bauer. As well as on April 25th, 2023, the seals of the nation that were current were changed, and new ones are developed, but not official yet. On April 27th, 2023, a civil flag was adopted for the nation. As well on the same day, the nation gained five citizens. On May 11th, 2023, the currency was officialized by the government, and is put into use.

On May 14th, 2023, the anthem was renamed from "A song for everything" to "Our Glorious Republic". On May 26th, 2023, the nation became a constitutional monarchy due to the president not knowing how to handle a big government like congress. Then on June 1st, 2023, it was officially renamed to The Kingdom of Mabruenia. Then on June 6th, 2023, the nation was renamed to The Federal Republic of Mabruenia, and changed back to a republic because Lily did not feel comfortable with it being a kingdom. On June 11th, 2023, The School Protection Act of 2023 was passed.

Then the nation gained another citizen on June 17th, 2023 as well as on June 18th, 2023. And then on June 20th, 2023, the national flag was changed. Then on June 25th, 2023, the coat of arms was changed. On July 2nd, 2023, The Minorities protection act was passed. On July 28th, The Grand Assembly of Mabruenia was established.

Then on August 4th, 2023, the Constitution was printed. Then on August 8th, 8 Éclats were printed. And on August 10th, Mabruenia gained 3 citizens, and a secretary of defense. An actual vice president was elected as well, making Mabruenia have more ground physically. On August 13th, the Department of Finance was created. On August 14th, Mabruenia gained 3 citizens and a Secretary of Finance.

On August 18th, Mabruenia gained 3 more citizens, along with 11 citizenship certificates printed out. On August 23rd, political parties are established in Mabruenia. On August 25th, the Mabruenian Intelligence Agency was established to protect the nation from external and internal threats. On August 27th, The smoking and vaping ban law was passed. On September 30th, State flags, names, and capitals were established, with the states being called Nuevo Albión, Nuevo Sol, Misturaria and Cristdake, with the state capitals being named Andford, Ocimont, Crario, and Enceville.

On October 5th the Political Party Act was passed. Sometime during September, a recognition treaty was signed with Ebenia, and during November, Mabruenia made relations with Niceaea. On December 1st, the Territory of Core Istein was established. On December 14th, the Vice President was impeached after lying to President Fleming about a personal event, which resulted in Ronnie Quintana becoming the new Vice President.

On December 16th, Alexandra was appointed governor of Nuevo Sol. On December 23rd, The Free Kingdom of Nicaea was officially added to the recognized nations list, because President Fleming forgot to do it earlier. On December 25th, 2023, the first Christmas in Mabruenia was celebrated. On December 27th, a discord server is created for Core Istein, and President Flemings mother is appointed the Territorial governor of Core Istein. On December 30th, the Culture of Mabruenia Act was passed, also creating the Department of Culture.

Modern history (2024)

Mabruenian Éclats

On January 7th, 2024, Mabruenia gained a new citizen, making the citizen total go up to 21. On Janurary 9th, the national library is created, and is made part of the Core Istein territory, and a new citizen is added. On Janurary 10th, the Core Istein territory is renamed to Guttenberg. On Janurary 12th, Mabruenia becomes 1 year old, and 4 more citizens are admitted. On Janurary 13th, the nation is renamed back to The Republic of Mabruenia, the name it was founded by. On Janurary 14th, the Éclats design was finalized by President Fleming. On February 5th, the first independence day would be celebrated, and Janurary 12th would be designated as Founding day, a new national holiday.

On February 10th, New years and lunar new years are made into official holidays.

On March 18th, 2024, 3 citizens are added to the republic. On March 18th, 2024, 3 citizens are added to the republic.

April 24th, 2024, President Lily moves the headquarters of the International Council of Micronations, to Guttenberg, one of Mabruenia's territories. April 30th, 2024, Mabruenia gains one citizen.

May 1st to present, the Peoplesvile Crisis occurs, involving Mabruenia, Baliga, Niceae, and Ebenia, due to the leader of another micronation named Hijabialand threatened the colony of Peoplesvile, belonging to The Democratic Republic of Baliga offically, and unoffically belonging to The Kingdom of Ebenia, with a coup, along with threatening war against Baliga proper, due to Queen Ezra of Hijabialand stating that Ebenians cyberbullied her. Mabruenia's involvement is the result of Ezra claiming that President Fleming is Pedophile, along with stating that she is a terrorist that sends bombs to Gaza, and pretends that Israel is the one doing it. Officially, Mabruenia is not at war, and never will be, but has marked Hijabialand as a terrorist Micronation. On May 16th, The Peoplesvile Crisis is recognized as over by the government of Mabruenia. June 13th, 2024, Mabruenia claims the Albuquerque territories of The Duchy of Broslavia, due to recognizing the micronation as defunct. The same day, Mabruenia recognizes the Baligan colony of Peoplesvile as part of Ebenia, due to President Fleming seeing the leader of Baliga as being incompetent. June 14th, a Mabruenian Telephone line, named MabTel, would be established. June 30th, the entire county of Doña Ana experienced an 11 hour power outage, resulting in Mabruenia having no internet, power, and air in 101 degree temperatures. July 14th, President Lily starts developing a language for the nation named Mabruenian Greek/Mabruenese. July 19th, Mabruenian Greek/Mabruenese becomes an official language.

Politics and government

The government is a constitutional republic with ten Departments known as: Defense, Foreign Affairs, State Affairs, Agriculture, Navy, Education, Homeland Security, Development, Cybersecurity, Finance and culture. Mabruenia has a upper house, called The Grand Assembly, and a lower house called The Legislative Assembly. It has three states which are currently ran by the federal government. one state ran by a governor, and a territory ran by a territory governor. Mabruenia also has a President and Vice President, the President is the head of state and the head of government, while the Vice President is the head of the senate, and takes the Presidents place if they are unable to lead or die.

Law and order

There is a supreme court and numerous other courts in Mabruenia. The Police acts the same as the United states police, and runs the same.

Foreign relations

Mabruenia has relations with the Republic of Ebenia, Niceae, Hokoria and Stret Merdin. The nation is officially allied with Ebenia, The Free Kingdom of Niceae, Hokoria, and Republic of Stet Merdin. Mabruenia recognizes most members of the United nations, but is not recognized by them.


The military is a defensive military with no weapons. Similar to the United States Armed Forces, the Mabruenian military has four branches consisting of an army, navy, marine corps and air force.

Holidays in Mabruenia

In Mabruenia, there are 8 recognized holidays, those being Christmas, Halloween, Thanskgiving, and Memorial day. Mabruenia also has independence day, and Founding day..

The dates of each holiday are as follows:

Christmas: December 25th

Halloween: October 31st

Thanksgiving: November 27th

Memorial day: May 27th

Independence day: February 5th

Founding day: Janurary 12th

New Years Day: Janurary 1st

Lunar New Years: The moon cycle


Due to Mabruenia being in Las Cruces, New Mexico, it tends to have a pleasant, arid climate, While winters tend to be mild, alternating between cool and warm, with predominately sunny periods in between.

Government and politics

The Mabruenian Republic is a constitutional Republic, consisting of four states, with the capital being a federal district, asserting control over a territory as well.

National Government

Comprised of two branches, all located in Grugow, the federal government is the national government of Mabruenia, It is regulated by a strong system of checks and balances, just like the United States.

The Grand Assembly

The grand assembly, a unicameral legislature, it makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, an has the power of impeachment.

Political parties

The constitution is silent on political parties, however on october of 2023 four political parties, so it is a de-facto two party state.

Territories of Mabruenia
Flag Type Name Leader
Republic of Mabruenia Consitutional Republic Lily Fleming
Grugow Federal City Lily Fleming
Nuevo Albión State Central government
Nuevo Sol State Governor Alexandra
Misturaria State Central government
Cristdake State Central government
Guttenberg Territory Ashley


An economy is currently being developed by the government, and it is named Éclats.