International Council of Micronations

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International Council of Micronations
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters 'International Council of Micronations' (discord server)

Official language English.

– Security Council
Republic of Mabruenia
Conglomerate of Protonia
– Full Members
Republic of Mabruenia

Imperium Discordiae

– General Secretary Alexandra Irikladi of Niceae
– Vice Secretary William Chong of cloud empire
– Foundation 3rd of March 2023
– Election N/A

The International Council of Micronations, commonly abbreviated as the ICM in both formal and informal capacities, is an inter-micronational organization founded on 3rd of March 2023 by President Lily of Mabruenia. Many of its core members came from the Discord Micronational Community, and congregated to form an organization dedicated to promoting cooperation and fair diplomacy within the micronational community. The website can be viewed here: On Janurary 13th, 2024, the first elections for General Secretary and Vice Secretary took place. On Janurary 7th, 2024, The Peoples Republic of Tursia was accepted into the ICM, and then on Janurary 24th, the council tried protecting the PRT from rebels, known as the Unitary Republic of Turisia, and then two days later, the PRT was kicked out of the international council for continuing to go after the URT, and getting the head of the USR involved, among other things. On Janurary 27th, the Federative Republic Australia, Stret Merdin, Free Kingdom of Niceae and Empire of Zaimore-Charleston were made members, On Janurary 28th, the Nexian Empire was made a members, while Stret Merdin was expelled due to being friendly to the Union of Socialist Republics.


Full Membership

Full members within the International Council of Micronations are members that enjoy all rights and duties given to a member state: they can contribute to discussions and debates, vote on proposals, elections and membership applications. Full members may appoint a representative to stand for election to any staff positions in the organization.

Full members

Founding members of the International Council of Micronations
Founding Members Code Date of admission
 Federal Republic of Mabruenia MBA 4th of March 2023
San Donia DA 4th of March 2023
Imperium Discordiae IMP 4th of March 2023
Charter as of 2023

Full members of the International Council of Micronations
Full members Code Date of Admission
Islamic republic of Tilgisia. IRT unknown
Pjecknakraja PKA unknown
Federal Republic of Yucatán FRY unknown
Axxo-Marlinspyke Imperial Confederation AMIC Unknown
Republic of Begana RBA unknown
Wong Ming Empire WME unknown
Kingdom of Faladia KFA unknown
The Republic of Rudharta TRA unknown
SFR Trottingsbeorgen STN unknown
Pónsolos PNS unknown
Autonomous Colony of Gunthland ACT unknown
The Great Phox Empire TGPE unknown
The Grand Principality of Cienfuegos TGPC unknown
everfree empire EFE unknown
The Democratic Republic of Saturnland TDRS unknown
the kingdom of callistium TKC unknown
The Kingdom of Purcal. TKP unknown
United Provinces of Garcia UPG unknown
Empire of Seridóvian ESN unknown
Democratic Republic of Orrie DRO unknown
The Free Kingdom of Nicaea TFKN Janurary 27th, 2024
empire-of-zaimor-charleston EZN Janurary 27th, 2024
Federative Republic of Australia FRA Janurary 27th, 2024
Nexian Empire NNE Janurary 27th, 2024