Flags of Mabruenia

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The flags of Mabreunia.

In the early stages of its existence, the flag of Mabruenia underwent several changes. Initially, it was adapted from a flag used by a simulationist Government known as "Mineland" However, this design was swiftly replaced on the same day due to President Lily's decision to assert Mabruenia's independence and distance it from the simulationist government, as her friend had been pressuring her to align with them solely based on the flag's resemblance. The first flag on seen below is the flag of Grugow, the capital of Mabruenia, and was adopted on August 18th of 2023, the second flag is the national flag, and was adopted on June 20th of 2023. The next flag seen is the civil flag of Mabruenia, adopted on April 27th of 2023, and the last flag seen is the presidential flag, adopted in May of 2023. Below the official flags, you can see the National flag evolution.


National flag evolution

Presidential flag evolution

<gallerymode="nolines> File:Fl Pr MB.png| Presidential flag of Mabruenia (June 2023 - February 2024) File:Presidential flag of mabruenia.png| Presidential flag of Mabruenia (February 2024) </gallery>