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The Grand Order of DR Contanti is the name of a currency that was experimented with, but never fully adopted by, the Grand Order of DR. Early prototypes of a paper one GODR Contanti bill were printed in the year 2020, but were deemed too simplistic and primitive. Additionally, many of these protype bills were printed with multiple errors, and were printed on regular printer paper as examples. After a period of reevaluation, it was decided these prototype bills should be abandoned. The GODR has since been working on new bills for the planned GODR Contanti currency, but nothing has yet to be completed or adopted. Additionally, the currency is not yet solidly backed by anything.

Currency Name

The name for the GODR Contanti comes from the Italian word for “cash”, which is seen by some, including SOL Dane Bozzoli, as being “too on the nose” and unoriginal. Some in the GODR push for a name change for the planned currency, but no name change has been set in stone as of 2023.