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Peoplesvil Crisis

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Peoplesvil Crisis
DateMay 1st, 2024 – present
New Peoplesvil
Result Ongoing
Democratic Republic of Baliga
Free Kingdom of Nicaea
Republic of Mabruenia
Kingdom of Ebenia
Commanders and leaders
Alexandra "Irikladis" Terrel
Lily Fleming
Paul Matthews
Benjamin of Baliga
Queen Ezra I

The Peoplesvil Crisis is a conflict between a micronation known as Hijabialand and several micronations, wherein the Baligan colony of Peoplesvil was threatened with a coup after accusations of Ebenian imperialism were made. Hijabialand has claimed that the Ebenians had cyberbullied her, however this is not the case as many of the actions taken against Ezra were warranted given numerous instances of inappropriate behavior from its leader, Queen Ezra I.