Ozark Sector

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Ozark Sector
General information
LocatedOzark Higlands, Ouachita Mountains.
Sector founded2022
Sector founded byRepublic of Ethosia
Notable people in areaGabriel Sebastian
Joshua Stoddard
Alexandros I Irikladis

The Ozark Sector is a term used to categorizes micronations that are mostly bounded and are located inside the American Interior Highlands. The term has been in use since at least 2020, but nothing official was created until 2022.


Micronations which possess territory in the Greater Ozarkia area are eligible to be a part of the Ozark Sector.


On 21 February 2021, after the effects of Black January and Black February, the Republic of Ethosia along with the Meanwealth of Gasconade, and Cimbrun established the Ozark Sector.


Formerly, there was the Association of Ozark Micronations, but that was dissolved in 2021. There are currently no micronational organizations in the Ozark Sector.

Current Sector Nations

Name Capital Government Year Founded Location
Republic of Ethosia Arkania Semi-presidential republic 2020 Missouri, Arkansas
Meanwealth of Gasconade Spurhoff Authoritarian Democracy 2020 Missouri
Free Kingdom of Nicaea Nikopolis Irikladian democracy (constitutional monarcho-socialist state) 2019 Arkansas