Political parties in Nicaea

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Political parties in Nicaea exist as a form of democracy, which serve as an identifier for citizens interested in politics. Nicaea has a multi-party system in a unicameral Boule elected in two rounds: the common vote, an alternative vote which decides the lottery weight of participants involved, and the lottery round which ultimately decides the winner, with three parties currently existing. All three parties are currently in office, the IF representative serving as a non-voting member, with Daniel Maloney of the National Libertarians currently being in power. One member of the Boule, Lily Fleming, is an independent.

List of Parties

Party Ideology Leader Voting Members of the
Boule of Nicaea
Prime Minister
Irikladian Front (Nicaea) Monarcho-socialism
Alexandra "Irikladis" Terrel
1 / 5
0 / 5
National Libertarian Party Libertarianism
Daniel Maloney
1 / 5
1 / 5
Pantheon Socialist Party Pro-Hellenism
pro-Religio Romana
Nicholas V.
0 / 5
0 / 1
Monarchy Forward (Libertarian Monarchist Party) Irreligion
Marijuana advocacy
Phillip II Irikladis
0 / 5
0 / 1

Defunct Parties

Party Ideology Leader Founded Disbanded
International Monarchist Party Christian theocracy
Paul Matthews 12/02/23 01/21/24 (dissolved)