The Illinois Free Republic

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Illinois Free Republic

Motto: Unite the Lands!
Anthem: Long live the Free Illinois Republic! (
Capital Longhorn
Largest city Doxtran
Other languages English, Russian and German
Demonym(s) Illinoisan
Establishment 20 April 2020
Currency Kolkat Dollar
Time zone (CST/CT)

The Illinois Free Republic, also known as the IFR was a micronation located in Mokena, Illinois, which was founded on 20 April 2020. It helped in the founding of the Harmony Accord; An alliance that had 17 members before collapsing in the middle to the end of May 2020. It strived to make peace with any micronation it came across. It had over 21 micronations that it interacted with. This would include the Sohnland, The Kingdom of Ceyln, Brienia, and the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic. It was formed after the president, the Previous leader of the Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic Wanted to apologize for the actions on 21 February 2020 (also known as the 2020 Incident) The President did. He then formed the Illinois Free Republic. He wanted it so he could show the world that being friendly and welcoming people is the way to get ahead in the world. It was then, on 22 April, 2020 that the IFR formed the Harmony Accord. An alliance that bases its members on their personality. The IFR was disbanded sometime in May due to the creation of the DPRA, which would later join the CSR. This would lead to the eventual creation of the Federation of Adonia.

Politics and government

The Illinois Free Republic follows a free Illinois Democracy. Everything a democracy has, we have! Our government has 1 party (as of 29 April 2020) The IFR government has a president which serves 4 years

Law and order

The Laws of the IFR are very similar to the United States. Though, we will name a few below:

  • Guns are Absolutely BANNED
  • Drinking age is 18

and many more!

Foreign relations

The IFR had many relations with many micronations, though no official list was made.


Law in the IFR stated that our Military was display only, though the military was inactive.

Geography and climate

Temperatures are averagely related to the seasons. Winter is around 30 Degrees Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) Spring is around 40-60 Degrees Fahrenheit (4-15 Degrees Celsius) Summer is around 70-90 Degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 Degrees Celsius) and Fall is 50-40 Degrees Fahrenheit (10-4 Degrees Celsius).

Culture and media

There was never a culture tied to the IFR. The IFR also had no media.