Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic

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Illinois Sovetist Socialist Republic

Motto: E Pluribus Unum
Anthem: Soviet Anthem (ISSR Version)
Capital Sovetland
Largest city Kolkata
Other languages English, Russian and German
Demonym(s) Illinoisan
Establishment 14 September 2019
Currency Illinois-Sovet Dollar
Time zone (CST/CT)

The Illinois Sovetist Socialist Republic, also known as the ISSR, was a micronation located in Mokena, Illinois and was founded on 14 September 2019 by Andrew Franson. The ISSR is considered a predecessor state to the People's Republic of Adonia



The ISSR was founded by Andrew Franson on September 14th, 2019. It was formed originally as the IGSR (Illinois German Soviet Republic) intended for a group of German-American Communists in the state of Illinois, though this group was never defined. On 9/11/2019, Andrew founded the IGSR. Andrew immediately advertised his nation to his friends. This advertisement was taken jokingly by his friends, and it left the call for support unheard. He immediately committed to the 2019 Protest, when Andrew flipped a German Flag upside-down and marched with it. There are no historical documents explaining the meaning of this symbol. On the 14th of September, Andrew renamed the IGSR to the ISSR, or Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic.

The ISSR Era

Andrew immediately began work on a flag, using the upside-down German flag as its background with an American Eagle holding a Hammer and Sickle. This symbol would be used until December 2020, when the People's Republic of Adonia changed its flag to its modern version. Andrew continued ISSR work by creating an anthem (using the Soviet anthem), creating a currency, and laws to start out. Andrew printed these laws out on a document and put it in a folder. Andrew would continue this until December 2019. The ISSR has officially joined the micronational Twitter community 5 hours after the foundation of the ISSR. The ISSR aimed to actually learn the ropes during its time in the community. It interacted with many micronations during this time, but as no official documents from the ISSR remain, there is no records of which specific micronations were interacted with. However, personal encounters of friends of Franson in this community concur that its main interactions were with the SSC, some members of USov, and the Twitter community of 2019. Franson formed one organization that is still existent in a form today. RadioISSR was founded in October 2019 to deliver a podcast to the community and was inspired by the Virgan Republic's podcast.

The Collapse

In January 2020, The ISSR had joined USov. Immediately, the ISSR was accused of espionage against USov. Andrew denied these accusations and sent screenshots of the SSC Twitter Group Chat as proof. He would later be expelled from the SSC for this. Andrew then declared loyalty to the USov. The longtime enemy of the state of the ISSR, UTOA, disbanded in January 2020 after the ISSR beat it in ‘popularity’ and ‘strength’. The ISSR celebrated this event with allies across the community.

In February 2020, Andrew was once again was accused of espionage. He denied these accusations, and then had gone on vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort. He was once again accused of espionage, and then USov fell for the first time on February 19th, 2020. On February 20th, Andrew was discovered to have sold flags and other symbols without permission on ‘RedBubble’. This quickly spread to the community and he was cancelled and removed from everywhere. Andrew, without any more care for the community, added to the flames and caused more drama before he officially left. He deleted Twitter and all connections to the community. He was accused of being the ‘Lilliput’ troll and the ‘Nomicrobullying’ account because he used the same logo as nomicrobullying in a school anti-bullying group, which the VISSR had found out and used against Andrew.

The ISSR would later on disband on March 18th, 2020.

Scandals in the ISSR

The ISSR had been through a lot of scandals since its foundation.

The "ISSR Leaver Scandal" was when many citizens (Approximately 9) and 1 ISSR state left the ISSR and joined a rival micronation, UTOA.

The ISSR Social Worker Scandal was a scandal that ended on 20 November 2019 and it happened because the Premier did the Illinois-Sovet Salute. The Premier, among the community, fought to keep the ISSR independent with propaganda and other forms of posters and alliances.

Politics and government

The Illinois-Sovet Government followed its own ideology known as "Sovetism" Sovetism is an ideology similar to Communism but has its own parts of Democracy like voting on laws and governors of the states. Sovetism was an early predecessor to Adonian Republicanism.

Law and order

Laws in the ISSR were very vague, or completely up for debate. There were rarely or no official documents for laws in the ISSR, Technically making the ISSR a lawless state. There was also a lack of a constitution.

Foreign relations

The ISSR had many relations with other micronations. A couple of them were the UPRSP, SFRC, Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic, The Sohnland and Principality of Brienia


Law in the ISSR stated that the Military is displayed only. Though, The military remained non-existent.

Geography and climate

Climate data for ISSR, Sovetland
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0.5
Average low °C (°F) −6.6
Average precipitation mm (inches) 19.05

Culture and media

The ISSR Press took pictures of the country’s Nature, the Premiers Daily life, and the Country's Life. The Press was the only kind of media that can provide info to the citizens. RadioISSR was another source of information, which is a predecessor to RadioIFR, and later on, RadioAdonia.