Radical Satanism

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Radical Satanism
Founder Luciferio Mickomik
Founded 8 December 2022
Ideology Radical Satanism

Libertarian Socialism
LHP Politics
Political position Left
Opposition Right-wing
Slogan Ave Satanas
Party flag

Radical Satanism is a political ideology and social movement that was created in Malus by Luciferio Mickomik. Socially and economically, the ideology is left-wing on the left-right political spectrum. Radical Satanism advocates a multitude of other ideologies and beliefs, like libertarian socialism, utilitarianism, opposing theocracy, and anti-fascism.

Radical Satanists support the destruction of theocracy, believing that religious states are destined to fail. The ideology utilizes The Satanic Bible to justify its beliefs, and additionally is influenced by other political and social ideologies, like Anarcho-Satanism, intersectional social movements, pan-Africanism, and socialism.

According to the first edition of Radical Satanist Party: A Manifesto, which was written by Mickomik and Aleister Paxton, "Hierarchies - whether they are economical, labor, or religious, need to be abolished. Freedom for the individual is the focus of our agenda, and the destruction of all institutions that are actively working against our freedom is paramount."[1]



Radical Satanism has many influences that shape the philosophy. Radical Satanism utilizes The Satanic Bible for a portion of its philosophy, mostly for what is applicable to an individual's life. Despite Satanism being a selfish and anti-egalitarian religion, and despite prominent Satanic philosophers holding a fondness for a stratified society, Radical Satanism strives to advocate for a libertarian socialist society, with as much personal freedom to the individual as possible.

Radical Satanism also borrows concepts from the Church of Satan Anarchist and their concept of Anarcho-Satanism, which is described in The Teachings of The Church of Satan Anarchist as "the critical utilization of anarchist principles and the symbolism of Satanic mythology in opposition of the dogmatic worship of the authoritarian concepts and symbolism of God." [2]


Radical Satanism was developed when Left Hand Path thought was undergoing a reworking within the Left Hand Path Unity Party. After Malus had left the United Socialist Republics, the LHPUP began to incorporate more Satanism over other Left Hand Path religions.


The movement went through a small schism in March of 2023, with the creation of Aleister Paxton's True Satanist Party. This party would diverge greatly from the RSP and the ideology of Radical Satanism, embracing theism, more extreme methods, and chaosophy. The TSP would eventually re-join the RSP, and both parties would merge into the RSF.