True Satanist Party

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True Satanist Party
Abbreviation TSP
Founder Aleister Paxton
Slogan "Satan represents conditional love revealed through justified hatred"
Founded 21 March 2023
Dissolved 19 April 2023
Split from Radical Satanist Party
Headquarters Malus
Membership  (2023) 2 (estimated)
Ideology Anarcho-Satanism, Chaos Satanism
Political position Undeterminable
Official colors Black and red
Party flag

The True Satanist Party was a nihilistic, absurdist organization and social movement founded on March 21, 2023 by Aleister Paxton. It was initially born when it split from the Radical Satanist Party on March 21, when it reformed the militant branch of the RSP into the new organization. Politically, it cannot be placed on the left-right spectrum, as it advocates for chaotic anarchy and extreme individual autonomy and independence.


Creator of the RSP, Luciferio Mickomik (left) and creator of the TSP, Aleister Paxton (right).


The True Satanist Party was formed after weeks of tension between members of the Radical Satanist Party and the Connor Anderson-led Republic of Malus. Since the end of 2022, the republic began a process of "De-Satanization" which involved removing references to Satanism throughout the nation. This process had initially been begun by Henry Gibson during the era of the State of Malus, and continued after the republic seceded in order to mend relationships with the local, Christian community.

More extreme, theistic elements of the Radical Satanist Party began to vocalize their complaints with the direction Malus was heading, especially after the February election when a former Satanist, Connor Anderson, won the election.


The party was dissolved shortly after its creation on April 19 due to a lack of activity and ill-defined ideology. After it was dissolved, Paxton went on to re-found the Satanic Social Democrats, before that was ultimately absorbed alongside the Radical Satanist Party into the Revolutionary Socialist Front.