Aleister Paxton

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Aleister Paxton
Status Alive
Nationality Malus
Citizenship Malus
Years active 2022-
Home town Suzmar
Pronouns He/Him

Aleister Paxton is a Malusian politician, religious leader, and co-founder of the Radical Satanist Party. Paxton was the former director of Lucifer's Legion.

Personal life

Aleister Paxton was born on April 4, 2006, in Tioga, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Early in his life, he became interested in history and politics, becoming an avid viewer of left-wing content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Micronational career

Paxton began his micronational career when he established the Republic of Suzmar on September 30, 2022.

Paxton would dissolve the TSP and reform the Satanic Social Democrats, before they, and the RSP, would be merged into the Revolutionary Socialist Front, along with the Progressive Labor Party.

Going into 2023, and following the autonomy of Suzmar being taken away when Malus reformed its federal system into a unitary one, Paxton began to drift out of micronational politics.


Since 2021, Paxton has identified himself as a Satanist. Formerly, he believed himself to be a Christian, before becoming disillusioned with the faith and becoming more skeptical. He is a Theistic Satanist, which was apart of the reason he left the RSP to develop the TSP. To him, Satan is not a God or devil, but a nebulous being that looks out for an individual, in a way an external conscience. This concept is unique to Paxton, and takes influence from Thelema and their notion of a Holy Guardian Angel, as well as The Satanic Testament.

Political views

Paxton can be described as an anarchist.