Democratic Republic of Baliga

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Democratic Republic of Baliga


Coat of arms
Coat of arms

Motto: "Love to Be Loved"
(English: "Love to Be Loved")
Anthem: "Democratic Republic of Baliga's Anthem"
and largest city
Baliga City
Other languagesEnglish
Establishment2 February, 2020
CurrencySohnlandic pound sterling
Time zoneUTC
Calling code+44

The Democratic Republic of Baliga is a micronation located in the United Kingdom. Founded on the 2nd of February 2020 by President Benjamin of Baliga; it's a current member of the Solidarity Front and is in a confederation with the Queendom of Nyx.

A document signed in the PRB to show commitment to sustainability.
The environmental peace accord


A picture of the People's Banner our flag on the wall of the government building
A picture of the "People's Banner", taken in 2020.


The People's Republic of Baliga was founded on the 2nd of February 2020 by President Benjamin of Baliga. He had previously tried to found a micronation called the Kingdom of Mint in early 2018 but decided not to as he felt he was ill prepared and did not want to run a monarchy due to disagreeing with the system of Monarchy. He discovered micronationalism in early 2017 but it took until 2020 for him to found one due to him thinking it was to much of a commitment for him. After the creation and fall of the defunct Kingdom of Mint he wrote a book featuring a nation called Baliga. That is where he got the name. In the book Baliga was a utopia where everyone was free and equal. The People's Republic of Baliga always pushed to meet that goal.

People's Republic of Baliga

On the 2nd of February 2020 the People's Republic of Baliga declared independence from the UK. The PRM and PRSP. The flag at the time of independence was made from three diagonal stripes the top one was green, the middle one was yellow and the bottom one was red. The leader of the PRM and PRSP helped design the new flag named the peoples banner. He took the old flag and made the bars horizontal. He then decided to put a hammer and sickle on the flag. On 27 June, it signed an Environmental Peace Accord.

Creation of the Confederation of Nyx and Baliga

On 4 October, 2021, the People's Republic of Baliga created a confederation with the Queendom of Nyx[1]; on the same day, a flag was adopted for the confederation[2]. On the 27 October, following the example of the People's Republic of Adonia, Baliga commited to avoid and micronational drama and stop it[3]. On 26 November they backed the Adonian transition towards a "new center-political identity and ideology"[4]. On 4 December, Baliga attended the "Gathering of Micronations" hosted by the Empire of Aeternia[5]. on 12 December, Radio Baliga made its first broadcast[6], and a day later, the Twitter account of Baliga reached 600 followers[7]. On 19 December, Baliga signed Aeternia's "Rules for Ethical Micronationalism"[8]. On Christmas Eve, Baliga announced a "Radio Baliga's Christmas Special"[9]; but two days after clarified their mistake, for the broadcast was a "New Year's Special"[10].

On 3 January, 2022, The Sohnland Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave permission to the People's Republic of Baliga to use the Sohnlandic Pound Sterling as their currency[11]. Two days later, Baliga held an election to decide the continuation of communism in Baliga or a change of ideology, with the voting ending on 7 January, announcing the communists victory[12]. On 19 January, Baliga announced the decision of changing their flag to "show that it is not a USSR clone nation"[13]. The new flag was made official on 2 February, Baligan Founder's Day, while also announcing a name change to Republic of Baliga[14].

Democratic Republic of Baliga

On 11 Februrary, Baliga's Twitter announced that its president was drafting a new constitution, while officially refering to the nation as "Democratic Republic of Baliga"[15]; a week later, Baliga created its own webpage[16]. On 20 February, a law was passed giving the president emergency powers[17], as it also presented the national anthem of Baliga[18].

The History of Baligan Diplomacy

Solidarietas Treaty

The Democratic Republic of Baliga is a signatory of the Solidarietas Treaty since January 2022. By it, it officially recognizes the following states:

Treaty of Recognition

The Treaty of Recognition makes it so the Democratic Republic of Baliga now recognises the Kingdom of Atlia