Governorship of the Adonian Governorates

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Governors of the People's Republic of Adonia
Seal of the Governorship of the Federation of Adonia
Flag of the Governorship of the Federation of Adonia

Longhorn Governorate Incumbent
Andrew Franson
since 7 July 2020
Kalamazoo Governorate Incumbent
Trevor Horobik
since 8 August 2020

The Governorship Position as a whole was created on 01/08/2020. The Position is used as head of states of the various Governorates of the Federation of Adonia. An example of a Governorate under Adonia would be the Kalamazoo Governorate, headed by Trevor Horobik, or the Longhorn Governorate, headed by Andrew Franson. The Governor position is currently blocked from application due to the overwhelming of the Adonian Government when they were open for application.


The Governorships of the Federation of Adonia first began on 8 August, 2020 with the beginning of the Kalamazoo Governorate. However, early mentions of the position go back to the Adonian Constitution, created on 2 August, 2020. The earliest Governor of Adonia was Trevor Horobik, who created the Kalamazoo Governorate with Andrew Franson.

List of Adonian Governors

# Governors In Office
1   File:Andrew Portrait with New Adonian Flag (Late 2021).png Andrew Franson
Longhorn Governorate
07/07/2020 - Present
2   Trevor Horobik
Kalamazoo Governorate
08/08/2020 - Present