Team Oddball

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Team Oddball
Abbreviation OB
Formation August 2023
Headquarters Florida, USA
Connor McLean
Scott Berry
Subsidiaries Team Oddball Fortnite, Team Oddball Rocket League

Team Oddball, officially Team Oddball Esports, is a privately owned Esports organization based in the United States founded by Connor McLean in August of 2023. The organization currently has 5 members and operates a Fortnite Squad which competes in the Fortnite Weekly Cash Cup, and a Rocket League squad. The team as of 17 September 2023 has yet to make an official tournament appearance.


Team Oddball was first thought up during the summer of 2023, when founder Connor McLean began to take interest in the world of competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee, specifically taking interest in the player Hungrybox. It is with this interest that McLean began researching various Esports organizations and games to see where he could begin competing.

Later, in August of 2023, McLean began talks with a friend of his, Scott Berry, as to the possibility of potentially forming their own organization. After some deliberation, Team Oddball would officially open its doors on August 19th, 2023, and Berry himself would sign with Team Oddball on September 3rd, 3 weeks later, joining as Team Captain of the Oddball Fortnite Squad and as Co-Owner of the organization as a whole.


Fortnite Squad
Player Position Date signed
Miomelon (Scott Berry) Team Captain 9/3/23
1IQMagical Vice Captain 9/12/23
Rock3tman (Connor McLean) Squad member 8/19/23
Sloth Squad Member 9/4/23
BlueBerry Squad Member 11/13/23
Rocket League
Player Position Date signed
Drett Team Captain 9/12/23
IQMagical Squad member 9/12/23

Fortnite squad history

Team Oddball's first full competitive team was its Fortnite Squad, formed on September 2nd, 2023, by McLean and the then unsigned Berry, with aspirations to compete in the Fortnite Weekly Cash Cup, and Fortnite FNCS Championship Series, which they will attempt to qualify for in 2024 through one of the Qualifying Majors. The team plans to field both a builds and zero-build squad, as well as compete in Fortnite's weekly competitions hosted throughout the year by Epic Games.

Rocket League Squad history

Team Oddball's second competitive team, and first not Shooter-Game squad, was the Oddball Rocket League squad, which formed on September 12th, 2023, with the signing of Drett and IQMagical to the team.

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