Sunday Showdown

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Sunday Showdown
Logo for the event
Date June 4, 2023
Duration Thirty minutes
Location Socialist Commonwealth of Malus
Cause Second event held by the Malusian Wrestling Federation.
Organized by Luciferio Mickomik

Sunday Showdown was the second event held by the Malusian Wrestling Federation and it took place on June 4, 2023. This event followed Friday Fight Night, the first event held by the MWF. This card also had five matches, using most of the roster from the previous event, with some new talent.

This event featured most of the wrestlers from the previous event, FFN. It also displayed some new wrestlers, such as Dark King, Bethany Breaker, Addison Dime, and Raven. All of the new names would be drafted to a new program called Tuesday RENEGADE, and be joined by new faces as well.

Sunday Showdown went down as a success for the MWF, bringing more eyes to the product than FFN had.


Jerome sending Jacobs through the table, winning the match.

Daniel Jacobs vs Jerome Michaels

Taking notice of his amazing performance in the first event, the MWF had Daniel Jacobs wrestle in the opening match against Jerome Michaels. Jacobs had beat his previous opponent, Esteban, in record time. Similarly, Michaels had lost the match to become MWF World Heavyweight Champion to Seth Danielson in only 1:32. It was believed that Jacobs would crush Michaels based on their respective performances, but this match proved to be competitive. This would be the first tables match in the MWF. When the match started, Michaels threw the first punches, but was forced into a submission early on. He was able to escape by elbowing Jacobs in the jaw, and he then locked his own camel clutch submission on Jacobs, who also escaped. Jacobs then countered an offensive move from Michaels with a DDT, and then brought a table into the ring. With a knee strike, Jacobs busted Michaels open before bringing in a second table. When he rolled back into the ring, Jerome put another submission hold onto "The Demon", but Jacobs was quickly able to break out and toss his opponent to the outside apron of the ring. Jacobs then performed the Beats Of The Bodhran, punching his chest ten times before throwing him to the ground outside. When he came back in, Jacobs hoisted his opponent above the table, but was reversed. Michaels then performed a sunset flip to Jacobs, forcing him through the table and winning him the match.

Blake Masters vs Aidan Hardin

Masters tapping out Hardin.
Addison celebrating her victory.

This was the first match featuring a new opponent to the roster, Aidan Hardin. Hardin took control early on, grounding Blake Masters and assaulting him with kicks. He then performed a diving moonsault for a count of two, then a second one after he kicked out. Masters would retaliate with some offense before also going to the top rope and delivering a heavy elbow drop. He'd then perform a double underhook butterfly suplex, deliver another elbow drop, and a neckbreaker, before taking a hurricanrana from Hardin. After recovering, Masters would go for a sharpshooter, and then his Wicked Stepsister signature. He'd attempt a pin, but Hardin would kick out at two. Masters would then do another sharpshooter, trying to force a tap out, but Hardin would escape. They'd then both end up on the outside, where Masters would pick apart Hardin and focus on attacking his limbs and back. His momentum would be stopped when he was hit with a slingblade basement dropkick standing shooting star combo, and then forced into a submission. The two would return to the ring after the referee reached a count of five. Masters would throw Hardin over the top rope onto the ground again however, and perform an armbar and armbreaker to damage his opponent. They would continue brawling until Hardin once again locked Blake into a submission, before throwing him into the ring. As he attempted to stand up, Hardin would hit his finisher, Salida Del Sol, but Masters would kick out at two. Enraged, Hardin would perform a powerbomb and moonsault combination, going for the pin, but not being able to put Masters away. Masters would attempt a suplex, but be countered with a standing Spanish Fly, hurricanrana, and attempted Salida Del Sol, but he was able to reverse the maneuver and force Hardin into an lebell lock, where he finally tapped. This would hand Blake Masters his first victory of his career in MFW, after he had lost to Roger Elliot the previous night.

Bethany Breaker vs Addison Dime

The third match of the night would be Bethany Breaker versus Addison Dime. At the start of the match, Addison would dominate, slugging her opponent and hitting her with a backbreaker and neck-snap before climbing to the top turnbuckle and hitting her with a Diving Brain Chop. Breaker would attempt to rally, hitting Dime with a sitout facebuster before quickly losing her advantage once again. Dime would give Breaker a butterfly suplex, then a standing shooting star press, followed by the Dis-arm-her submission. She would give up on the hold, going for the cover, receiving the victory in a very short debut match.

Layley Lea vs Raven

Layley walking to her locker room, dejected after her loss to Raven.

This would be Layley's second match, after she lost her first to Dizzy Izzy at Friday Fight Night. She would be going against Raven, an imposing force, who was much bigger and more powerful. Despite this, when the bell rung, Lea would immediately hit her with a facebuster, then start to attack her limbs. Going for a kick to the chest, she would be caught and reversed by Raven, then thrown into the corner and brutally clubbed before being hit with a springboard maneuver. Raven would then throw some chops at her, but be countered with a bulldog facebuster. Lea climbed up to the top rope and performed a diving armdrag. After picking Raven up, she was hit with a headbutt and then six elbow drops. Raven would then pick her up, preparing to throw her out of the ring, but was countered with a roll-up pin attempt. Lea was then thrown to the ground and hit with a huge splash from the top rope, but was able to kick out at two. Raven then performed a back breaker, then her finisher Brogue Kick. Lea was able to avoid a pin and reversed the next move, then performed a Skull Crushing Finale to Raven for a count of two. As she rose to her feet trying to recover, Raven was hit with a hurricanrana, then a bulldog facebuster. This would not be enough to stop Raven, who delivered heavy punches to her stomach and a second Brouge Kick. Lea was able to kick out of the pin, and then perform an axe handle strike from the top rope, followed by a code breaker. Trying to take advantage of the momentum, Lea would perform a springboard, but Raven was able to roll out of the way, pick up Lea, and perform a devastating Last Ride, handing Lea her second loss in the promotion.

Jerome Michaels delivering an AA to Seth Danielson.

Seth Danielson vs Jaxon Teller vs Jerome Michaels

This would be the first triple threat match to take place in MWF, and also be the first rematch. Seth Danielson had beat Jerome Michaels to win the MWF World Heavyweight Championship at Friday Fight Night. The two would be joined by Jaxon Teller, who won his debut match against King Williams. Danielson would immediately go for Michaels, but be interrupted by Teller. In response, Teller would eat a superkick, then a suplex from Danielson. Teller and Danielson would brawl, before Teller clotheslined Michaels into the corner. This would lead to a free-for-all, which each fighter attacking each other ruthlessly. Teller would hit Danielson with a Wicked Stepsister, throw Michaels out of the ring, and then attempt a sharpshooter on Danielson, who escaped. Danielson was then hung up on the ropes by Teller. Teller was thrown out of the ring by Michaels, who then ate a Twist-of-Fate from Danielson. Seth would hit Teller with a knee to the face, which caused him to roll out of the ring. Danielson would then go for Sweet Chin Music on Michaels, who kicked out at two. He would try again but this time be countered. Teller re-entered the ring with a kendo stick, but was punched by Michaels and then assaulted by Danielson, who performed a flurry of attacks working the limbs. This caused Teller to be down for a while, letting Danielson attack Michaels for a moment, before hitting a springboard stunner on Teller. Danielson rolled out of the ring, causing Michaels to focus a new attack on teller, punching him several times before hitting Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere. Jaxon was able to kick out at two, and Danielson would try again, but once again be blocked.

Danielson would then be suplexed by Teller, before Michaels crawled back into the ring and gave Teller the electric chair. Despite this, Teller and Michaels would then try to double team Danielson, who countered by bashing their heads together. Danielson would then deliver a second Twist-of-Fate to Michaels. He attempted a pin, but it was broken up by Teller. In response, Danielson gave him a huge DDT. Danielson was then dropped by a standing dropkick, and while he was on the ground, Teller threw Michaels to the outside after hitting him with a powerbomb. He would deliver another one to Danielson, then a powerslam, followed by another. He would then attempt to submit the champion, but he was countered and forced to kick out of a pin attempt. Michaels would re-enter the ring and deliver a belly-to-belly to Danielson, before being hit with knees in response from Danielson. Teller, who had gone outside and gathered a sledgehammer, would strike Michaels, but was then forced to deal with a ground-and-pound attack from Danielson, and then forced to kick out of a pin attempt.

After Teller rolled out of the ring, Michaels would throw Danielson into the corner, and lift him to the top turnbuckle, delivering an avalanche Attitude Adjustment, and then a second AA after Danielson kicked out. This was still not enough to put him away, and so went to attack Teller. This would backfire, as Teller clotheslined him out of the ring and performed an armbar on Danielson, then a crossface, followed by a pin to win the match.

This was the first extreme rules match in the Federation as well, marking this match as even more significant.


No. Results Stipulations Times
1 Jerome Michaels defeated Daniel Jacobs by sending him through a table. Singles tables match 3:09
2 Blake Masters defeated Aidan Hardin via submission. Singles match 7:13
3 Bethany Breaker loses to Addison Dime via pinfall. Singles match 3:34
4 Layley Lea loses to Raven via pinfall. Singles match 5:03
5 Seth Danielson and Jaxon Teller lose to Jerome Michaels Triple threat match 10:37