Friday Fight Night (Event)

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Friday Fight Night
Logo for the event
Date June 2, 2023
Duration 40 minutes
Location Socialist Commonwealth of Malus
Cause First event held by the Malusian Wrestling Federation.
Organized by Luciferio Mickomik

Friday Fight Night was the first event held by the MWF (Malusian Wrestling Federation). It was held on June 2, 2023, and is expected to be followed up by a number of other events. The card had five matches, with the main event determining the new MWF World Heavyweight Champion. It was followed on June 4 with Sunday Showdown.

Match Card

Friday Fight Night featured five matches, with all of them being standard pin or submission competitions, with the exception being the main event, which was between Seth Danielson and Jerome Michaels for the MWF World Heavyweight Championship.


The event featured ten wrestlers in the match, most of them being men in the heavyweight weight class designation. In Malusian kayfabe, these wrestlers are getting their start in MWF and this is their first pay-per-view event, but in reality the wrestlers were all downloaded from the WWE2k22 online shop and created by random people.


Blake Masters congratulating Roger Elliot on his win.

Blake Masters vs Roger Elliot

In the opening match, it featured "The Rockstar" Blake Masters against "The Punk" Roger Elliot. As Masters made his way to the ring during his entrance, he was jeered at by the audience and in return he would threaten them. After Elliot entered, the match would begin. Masters used his strength and size against his smaller opponent, manhandling him outside of the ring and throwing him into the steel stairs and against the ring apron. Elliot would counter the assault by attempting to submit him outside of the ring with a crossface, however Masters was able to break out of the hold and roll back in. Elliot would hit his finisher after catching Masters off guard, however it would end in a kick out at two. "The Rockstar" would then unleash a new assault against Roger and then attempt to submit him. However, "The Punk" was able to reach the ropes, forcing a break. After recovering, Roger would go for his finisher again but be unable to get keep Blake pinned. After this failed, he would go for a moonsault off the top rope, and gain the victory via pinfall. After the match, Roger's opponent would congratulate him, before exiting the ring and allowing him to celebrate, to which the commentators applauded.

Izzy giving a Superman Punch to Lea.

Layley Lea vs Dizzy Izzy

The second match of the night would be between "The Boss" Layley Lea and Dizzy Izzy, and would be the first women's match in the MWF. After making their entrances, they would lock up. Dizzy would then throw Lea into a turnbuckle and unleash a vicious attack, going for a moonsault and attempting a pin. Lea would kick out at one, but Izzy would continue the attack, moving quickly and dangerously against her opponent. She would attempt a second moonsault from the top rope, only to miss and receive a german suplex from Lea. They'd then end up on the outside of the ring, brawling around a bit before entering back into the ring. Lea would jump onto the top turnbuckle and hit Izzy with a leg drop, and attempt a cover. Izzy would kick out at one, only to receive a standing shooting star press from Lea. Izzy would come back, hitting Lea with a superwoman punch, then a kinshasa and going for the cover, which would end in a nearfall. Attempting another pin, Izzy would be reversed by Lea and hit with another standing shooting star press. Lea would then let out a flurry of kicks and chops to Dizzy, then hit her with a standing Spanish fly. Then, she would attempt her finisher for a nearfall. After recovering, Izzy would throw Lea out of the ring and taunt her before sliding out. This would prove to be a mistake however, as Lea would hit a DDT on the outside, then throw Dizzy into the steel steps. Izzy would come back and start another assault, stunning Lea. After the referee got to a count of eight, Izzy rolled into the ring to restart the count. Lea continued to lose her advantage, receiving a vicious beating after Izzy came back. Lea would re-enter the ring to attempt to escape the attack, but be dragged out again by Izzy, before being rolled back in where Izzy attempted a kinshasa, however she was able to reverse and hit her finisher, but it would only be a nearfall of two. Lea would hit another moonsault, but Izzy would dodge and attempt to pin her, to which she would kick out. Then, as she stood up, Izzy hit her with a DDT, followed by a series of kicks and then a brutal ground-and-pound combo. She'd then go to the top rope and hit Lea with a diving knee strike before pinning her for the win.

Jacobs giving a Superman Punch to Esteban.

Daniel Jacobs vs Esteban

The third match was "The Devil" Daniel Jacobs versus Esteban. Jacobs would hit a springboard in the opening moments of the match, then a top rope elbow drop. He would continue to beat down his opponent, before Esteban was able to hit a few reversals and get some offense in. This wouldn't last long, as Jacobs would force Esteban into a crossface for an attempted tap-out. Esteban would break out of the hold, before taking a giant Superman Punch from Jacobs and taking a loss, being pinned. This would be the shortest match of the night and established Jacobs as a dominant star.

Jaxon Teller celebrating his victory.

King Williams vs Jaxon Teller

Following their entrances, Williams would quickly gain the upper hand, using his immense strength to press Teller above his head. After this, he would attempt a diving axe handle, but miss, and then receive a submission attempt from Tellter. This would fail, and the two would go back and forth before Williams hit teller with a running powerslam. After recovering, Teller would hit Williams with a big fireman's slam and then a rolling neck snap before throwing rights and lefts and working his opponent's body. He would go for a wrist-clutch suplex pin combination, but Williams kicked out at one. Teller would hit his signature, a wicked stepsister, before attempting his finisher but missing. Williams would then throw Teller into the corner and unleash an attack of stomps, before hitting a second running powerslam. Teller would retaliate by throwing him out of the ring, and then attacking him outside, forcing him into a cloverleaf submission before throwing him into the stairs and re-entering the ring to taunt the crowd.

After coming back outside, Williams would throw him face first into the barcade separating them from the audience, then throw him across the room and re-enter the ring. Teller would get into the ring, where Williams would attempt his powerbomb finisher, but this was countered. Williams then hit a giant suplex, then a stiff lariat, but this was not enough to put Teller away when he attempted the pin. Teller would go for the sharpshooter submission, but let it go after Williams did not surrender. He went for a cover, but Williams was able to kick out. The two would then trade shots, before Williams hit his finisher powerbomb and went for the cover. At two-and-a-half, Teller kicked out, In response, William hit his signature of a suplex lariat before attempting his finisher again, but Teller was able to counter. Teller then hit a Russian leg sweep for a count of two, then went for the sharpshooter a second time, forcing Williams to tap out.

Seth after winning the MWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth Danielson vs Jerome Michaels

This match was for the MWF World Heavyweight Championship, and the winner would become the inaugural championship holder. After they made their entrances, Michaels would attempt to establish dominance, as he was significantly bigger than his opponent, however, Danielson used his agility and speed to counter and unleashed a flurry of attacks, utilizing kicks and knee strikes to the face. He would go for the curb stomp, then a twist-of-fate followed by a senton. After rocking and stunning his opponent, he hit Sweet Chin Music and went for the pin, decemiating his opponent in only one minute and thirty-two seconds. This made Danielson the new MWF World Heavyweight Champion, and began a rivalry between Danielson and Michaels that would be continued in a rematch in the first episode of Friday Fight Night.


No. Results Stipulations Times
1 Blake Masters is defeated by Elliot Roger via pinfall. Singles match N/A
2 Layley Lea is defeated by Dizzy Izzy via pinfall. Singles match N/A
3 Daniel Jacobs defeated Esteban via pinfall. Singles match N/A
4 King Williams is defeated by Jaxon Teller via subission. Singles match N/A
5 Seth Danielson defeats Jerome Michaels via pinfall to become the MWF WHC. Singles match for the WHC 1:32