Intermicronational Standards Administration

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Intermicronational Standards Administration
Intermicronational Standards Administration
Abbreviation ISA
Formation 11 March 2023 (11 March 2023)
Type Non-governmental organisation
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Intermicronational standards development
4 members
Official languages
Main organ
Maintenance Committee

The Intermicronational Standards Administration (ISA) is an intermicronational standard development organization composed of representatives from the national standards organisations of member countries.

ISA was founded on 11 March 2023, and it has published three intermicronational standards covering the codification of micronation names and currencies. The administration is responsible for the development and publication of intermicronational standards. It works in five countries as of 11 March 2023. The official language of the administration is English.


The Intermicronational Standards Administration is an independent, non-governmental organisation, whose membership consists of different national standards bodies. As of 2023 there are four members representing ISA in their country, with each having one member. The administration develops and publishes intermicronational standards in all fields. The ISA has developed three standards, covering the codification of micronation names and currencies.


The ISA was formed to allow members to develop and use standards specific to micronations while saving time and energy when referencing micronations and other information that has been standardised by the organisation.

Structure and organisation

The ISA is a voluntary organisation whose members are recognised authorities on standards relating to micronations, each representing one country. Members meet monthly at a General Congress to discuss objectives and formalise acceptance of standards. The administration is coordinated by a rotating group of voting members who provide guidance and governance.


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As of 2023 there are four members, each representing ISA in their country, with each having one member. There are three tiers of ISA affiliation;

  • Member bodies are national bodies considered the representative of standards for the nation. These bodies are allowed voting rights in ISA.
  • Subscriber bodies are members who may or may not have a national body of standards and do not have a representative of ISA in the nation. They may adopt the development of standards.
  • Correspondent members are members that do not have a national standards body. They are informed about ISA work but do not participate in the promulgation of standards.

Intermicronational Standards and other publications

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The main body of work of ISA is intermicronational standards. It also publishes reports, specifications, and guides applicable to the micronational community.

Intermicronational standards

These are designated using the format ISAnnnn-t-[ppp], Title', where nnnn is the number of the standard, t is the type of code used (alphabetic or numeric), and ppp is an optional part number, and Title describes the subject.


Reports are issued when a committee has collected data that is not the normal Intermicronational Standard, such as references and explanations. The naming convention for these is the same as IS, except R, follows the number. For example:

  • ISA001R, Report on the usage of Codes for the representation of names of micronations


Guides are used to cover matters relating to standardisation and how-to-use. They are named using the format "ISA0001 Guide, Codes for the representation of names of micronations".


ISA standards are published under the Creative Commons license CC BY-ND. "Reusers may 'copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. This license allows for commercial use.'"

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