Holy Empire of Reunion

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Holy Empire of Reunion

Flag of Reunion

Motto: Fiat Justitia Pereat Mundus
Location of Reunion
Status Current
Capital Saint Denis
Official languages Portuguese
Ethnic groups
Brazilians, Frenchs
Demonym(s) Reunian
Organizational structure Absolute monarchy
• Emperor
HHIM, Emperor Claudio I
• Declared
28 August 1997

• Citizens
900 (2015)
Purported currency Cifra
ISO 3166 code RE

The Holy Empire of Reunion (Portuguese: Sacro Império de Reunião) is a micronation that was founded 28 August 1997 as a political and constitutional simulation.Template:Specify


It claims the territory of the French marine department of Réunion Island. Its creators were students of the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.Template:Fact

The micronation has been mentioned in media.[1][2][3]

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