District of Imperia (Libertalia)

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District of Imperia

Flag of Imperia

Motto: "The first frontier"
Official languages English
Ethnic groups
100% American
100% Terra Materianism
Demonym(s) Imperian
Government Governorship
• Governor of Imperia
Connor McLean
Capital of 
• Founded
27 November 2017
• Renamed
27 November 2022

• Citizens
Currency United States Dollar (USD)
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Driving side right side

The District of Imperia is a senate controlled administrative area within the Republic of Libertalia. It has long held the title of Capital of the Republic, only briefly losing this title in early 2019. Imperia houses the Government of Libertalia and has also long acted as the home of the founder of the nation, Connor McLean. It was created on the same day of the Republic's founding to act as a neutral region for the Senate to convene when in session.


The word Imperia is derived from the word Imperial, the reasoning for this name being changed is unclear, perhaps being a nod to Libertalian Ursa Major doctrine, which calls for the gradual expansion of Libertalian land borders and political power across the regions of the continental United States.


Imperia was founded on November 27th, 2017, at the same time of the founding of the nation itself. It was the first territory within the Republic to be claimed, and remains so to this day, making it the longest continuously claimed piece of land in the nation's history,

In May of 2023, Imperia changed locations, moving approximately 2.5 miles east of its original location.

Politics and government


Imperia is managed and maintained by the direct authority of the Senate of Libertalia, much like Libertalian Incorporated Territories. Unlike the latter however, Imperia is not permitted to maintain any form of official local government, being directly governed by the Senate. The President resides as Honorary Governor of Imperia.

Law and order

Law and order is maintained by the Senate and Libertalian National Court System.

The Libertalian National Police acts as the field law enforcement branch within the district. When no such law enforcement exists, the Republic Army may be called in to maintain law and order within Imperia.

Important sites

Gillean Park, District of Libertalia

Presidential Home - the home of President McLean, shares space with Gillean Park.

EACO North America HQ - regional HQ of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organisation.

Gillean Park - public park, named after Gillean of the Battle Axe.

Geography and climate

Seal of the District of Imperia

Imperia is part of the Floridian Subtropical Zone, and experiences heavy rainfall on a regular basis. Imperia has been hit by several hurricanes over the years but has never sustained any severe damage due to the location of the district being located in the central inland areas of the State of Florida.


Imperia is seen as a cultural hub within Libertalia, being the center of music and racing culture within the nation. Many key parts of the Libertalian national identity originate from Imperia, such as the nation's affinity towards mid-century swing jazz, funk and blues music.

Imperia is also the site where the Libertalian born spiritual movement Erudianism originated, the movement forming in August 2022 in the district by President McLean.

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