The Mineland Republic

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Republic of Mineland

Flag of Mineland
Coat of Arms of Mineland
Coat of Arms

Motto: Peace and Liberty Latin: Pax Et Libertas
Capital Capital Territory
Official languages English, japanese, dutch
No state religion
Demonym(s) Minelandian
Government Democracy
• President

• Citizens
Currency Gold bar
Time zone Minecraft time
Date format mmm/dd/yyyy

The Mineland Republic

The Mineland Republic, also known as just Mineland, is a nation set within the Minecraft world. The server was created on October 10th, 2020, by HappyDonnie, and has died and revived over the three years of it's existence.


The origin of the name Mineland is Unknown, but the original creator named HappyDonnie probably put Minecraft and Land together to get Mineland.


On October 10th, 2020, The mineland Republic was made by someone named Happydonnie (Minecraft name), when he wanted to make a minecraft server that was of a nation. He initially invited only his friends, but then advertised a lot of Not much is known about pre-Mineland however. On October 14th of the same year, three players joined the server, and one of them would eventually be the one running the nation. These players were known as Lily, IceDragon, and and unknown user on the platform. This was all on The same day, Lily would become governor of a state named Arcadia, which was at the time named "Pee-pee land", but she had changed the name. The flag was a white banner, with a orange square in the middle, and a yellow circle in the middle. On the 17th, a discord server was created for Mineland, due to someone requesting it. On Monday, October 19th, the capital of the server was destroyed with lava. It is unknown to this day who did it it, due to the server being up 24/7, but it was fixed. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and the first state, Arcadia, was developing fast, making the need for borders, and new states to be created. The first new state besides Arcadia was made, it was Northwest of Arcadia, and was named "PenisLand" by the governor of Arcadia. A player named "TheWantedOnez" became the governor of PenisLand. A while later, the player IceDragon was banned for an unknown reason, and Arcadia got destroyed with lava, just like the capital of the server did. Later on in November, Lily was banned by a kid named Damien, who everyone on the server found annoying, and she thought it was Donnie who had done it. In December, some players rebelled against Donnie, causing him to delete the discord server, and ban everyone from the Minecraft server. Later in January, he remade the server, and reset the world, and named it Republia. Republia's flag was a tri-color, and had red on the top, blue in the middle, and green on the bottom. Not much is known about what happened up until February, when Lily was unbanned from the server. She remade Arcadia, and everything was fine, until some stuff got destroyed again. Not much is known for a couple of months, but in June of 2021, Lily became president of the nation for a week, before being impeached over an argument on another server. The server then proceeded to die, and on august 27th, 2021, Lily took control of it, as Donnie had stopped playing Minecraft and was going to delete the server. At first it was "The Republic of Arcadia", then it was renamed to "The United Mineland Republic", then simply Mineland. Later on in October, Lily got hacked a bunch by someone who disliked her, causing the Mineland server to be nuked numerous times for a couple of weeks. The server was renamed once during this, and it was named "TCA Colony of Mineland". After this all happened, Lily had managed to secure her account fully. Nothing else happened untill 2023, where a person named Jak manipulated her to nuke Mineland. The server got revived one final time, and in April of 2023, Mineland was merged with a group called UIX.


Politics and government

The Mineland Republic is a constitutional republic that consists of five departments of defense, naval, foreign affairs, resources, and homeland security.

Law and order

There are multiple supreme courts and other various courts in Mineland. The police act similarly to the United States' police.

Foreign relations

Mineland has relations with Swoybia and UIX.

Geography and climate

This is a parrot in The Mineland Republic.

Temperature and climate

Mineland is usually 70 degrees at max, depending on where in the nation you are. The nation owns multiple biomes in the world.


Mineland exports mass amounts of material like obsidion, diamonds, gold, etc. The nation gets imports of weapons, vehicles, and other nessecities in return for exporting these ores.