The Mineland Republic

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The Federation of Mineland

Flag of Mineland
Coat of Arms of Mineland
Coat of Arms

Motto: Steadfast, always
Capital Esterbridge
Official languages English, japanese, dutch
Demonym(s) Minelandian
Government Democracy
• President
• Prime Minister
• Deputy Prime Minister
Shahanshah Guynne

• Citizens
Currency Gold bar
Time zone Minecraft time
Date format mmm/dd/yyyy

Federation of Mineland

The Federation of Mineland, also known as just Mineland, is a nation set within the Minecraft world. The server was created on October 10th, 2020, by HappyDonnie, and has died and revived over the three years of it's existence.


The origin of the name Mineland is Unknown, but the original creator named HappyDonnie probably put Minecraft and Land together to get Mineland.


On October 10th, 2020, the Mineland Republic was founded by Happydonnie on Minecraft. Originally only inviting friends, it was later advertised on On October 14th, Lily, IceDragon, and an unknown user joined the server. Lily became governor of Arcadia, previously named "Pee-pee Land". The flag featured a white banner with an orange square and a yellow circle. A discord server was created on the 17th. On October 19th, the capital was destroyed with lava, but later fixed. Arcadia expanded, and PenisLand became the first new state. IceDragon was banned, and Arcadia was destroyed. In December, a rebellion led Donnie to delete the discord server and ban everyone. In January, the server was remade as Republia. Republia's flag featured red on top, blue in the middle, and green on the bottom. In February, Lily was unbanned and remade Arcadia, but experienced further destruction. In June 2021, Lily became president briefly before being impeached over an argument on another server. The server then went dormant until Lily took control on August 27th, 2021. It went through multiple name changes, hacking incidents, and nuking, but was eventually revived. In October 2022, Commando forced the nation to become a colony of TCA, but it later regained its independence. In April 2023, Mineland merged with UIX, then experienced a civil war, resulting in Commando becoming president and restructuring the server to resemble the Galactic Republic from Star Wars. On June 30th, the nation was renamed The Galactic Republic of Mineland. Commando was later banned for breaking the rules. On july 12th, Commando was unbanned per a treaty. The server became a constitutional monarchy on September 4th, 2023. Sometime in September it became an empire, then on October 13th, Latin became a official language, and the owner became the empress, but the supreme Chancellor has control still. On December 26th Mineland became a Kingdom once again. With the start of a new year, the server got messed up by some nukers, causing it to have changes in government and name, the empress becomes president, supreme chancellor becomes prime minster, and the vice chair becomes deputy prime minister.


Politics and government

The FOM is a Presidential republic that consists of five departments of defense, naval, foreign affairs, resources, and homeland security.

Law and order

There are multiple supreme courts and other various courts in Mineland. The police act similarly to the United States' police.

Foreign relations

Mineland has relations with UIX, UNS, IFOS, and other Minecraft servers

Geography and climate

This is a parrot in The Kingdoom of Mineland.

Temperature and climate

Mineland is usually 70 degrees at max, depending on where in the nation you are. The nation owns multiple biomes in the world.


Mineland exports mass amounts of material like obsidian, diamonds, gold, etc. The nation gets imports of weapons, vehicles, and other necessities in return for exporting these ores.