The Micronational Directory

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The Micronational Directory
Independently funded
Founded 31 August 2023; 8 months ago (31 August 2023) (Launch)
Area served

The Micronational Directory (TMD) is a directory of micronations all over the globe. The project launched on August 31, 2023, after being teased since the beginning of the month. TMD's website allows users to create accounts and add to the directory, with their additions being approved by the staff of the site.


The Micronational Directory was an idea prior to 2023, but work on the project began in August of 2023, with the creation of the TMD Twitter account. On this account, the progress of the project would be chronicled until release. The Beta version of the directory was already under development as of August 17. During the early days of the pre-launch, micronationalists on Twitter began to take note of the account, and TMD gained more followers.

On August 21,, a Spanish micronational news website, wrote an article about TMD, commenting on the role that the user-base of the website will play in the directory, stating that, "it will be important for micronationalists to be able to register their micronations and even be encouraged to add micronations they know of that are not in the directory." [1]